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Carter-Hoffmann: 18302-0332

18302-0332 - Carter-Hoffmann - CPS


Part #: 18302-0332


Part Models

CD252H - Enclosed Rotary Dish Carts

CD260H - Enclosed Rotary Dish Carts

BB200DQ01A -


CD252H - CD252H, CD260H, CD252, CD260, Mobile Unheated & Heated Enclosed Rotary Dish Carts, Specification Sheet, 05/1999

CD252H - BB40, BB48, BB60, BB64, BB72, BB90, BB96, BB100, BB120, BB150, BB200D, BB96X, BB120X, BB150X, BB96XX, BB120XX, BB150XX, BB96E, BB120E, BB150E, BB1824, BB1848, BB1864, BB1000, BB1200, CD252, CD252H, CD260, CD260H, CD27, T600, T610, T660, T543, T544, T545, T546, E8623H, E8631H, E8639H, E8623, E8631, E8639, E8610V, E8612V, O1610, O1620, O8631V, O8619, O8631, O8639, O8678, O8639W, PH128, PH129, PH1200, PH1215, PH1225, PH1250, PH1800, PH1825, PH1815, PH1835, PH185, PH181, PH1810, PH1830, PH1860, T723, T724, T725, T726, D2000, O8609, O8611, O8612, O8616, O8618, O8620, O8622, O8624, O8636, O8640, O1838C, O8609W, O8611W, O8612W, O8616W, O8618W, O8620W, ST188, ST1820, ST181, ST1811, SR188, SR1820, PH188, PH1820, PH1840, PH1470, PH1490, PH1410, PH1420, PH1430, PH1870, PH1870A, PH1890, PHB480, PHB975, PHB450, PHB650, PHF825, PHF900, PRF850, PRF950, PHB495, CH6, CH9, CH18, RTB10, RTB16, RTB34, RTB34, RTB341, RTB281, RTB282, HBR14, HBR28, RTH6, RTH9, RTH12, RTH18, RTH22, RTH dolly, TE1S16, TE1S20, TE2S12, TE2S16, TE2S20, TE3S24, TE3S30, TN1S10, TN1S12, TN1S14, TN1S16, TN1S18, TN2S20, TN2S24, TN2S28, TN2S32, TN2S36, TL2S20, TL2S24, TL2S28, TL2S32, TL2S36, FSH50, FAH50, FSH63, FAH63, FSC50, FAC50, FSC63, FAC63, FSHR68, FSHM54, FAHM54, FSMC54, FAMC54, FSFI35, FAFI35, FSCS35, FACS35, FSCC78, Holding Cabinets, Specification Sheet, P/N.324, 03/15/2011

CD252H - CD252H, CD260H Enclosed Rotary Dish Carts, Operating Manual, Parts Manaul, P/N.97P0865, 09/1991

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