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Pitco Fryers are designed for convenience as well as efficiency. They are easy to use, to clean, to adjust, and to maintain. From their efficient tube-fired design to the shortening extension capabilities "cool zones," Pitco has lead the way, driving quality and innovation in the fryer industry.

Founded in 1918, Pitco revolutionized the way the world fries food.  Before Pitco, fryers were heated from the bottom with warmth inefficiently and slowly ascending through the oil or shortening.  An unwanted side effect of this process was that bits of food would fall to the bottom of the pot and burn which would make the food taste terrible and the oil require near constant cleaning.  Frying was a problem that needed solving.

Essentially, Pitco fixed frying.  By arranging heating coils toward the middle of the frying pot, Pitco made simple, delicious frying a possibility.  No longer does food get burned when it falls into the oil; it simply enters a cool zone at the bottom of the pot.  Because the coils are in the middle of the oil, it heats up quicker which make Pitco fryers more efficient fryers.  These fryers revolutionized how people fry foods and changed an entire industry of food service.

Because of their unique construction and groundbreaking technology, Pitco fryers absolutely need OEM parts when in need of repair.  Third party manufacturers simply cannot compete with the standards and practices of Pitco.  When commercial kitchens repair their Pitco fryers, the smart ones use OEM replacement parts.

For commercial kitchens that are looking to keep their equipment in the highest working order, professionals choose OEM replacement parts.  OEM fryer replacement parts from Pitco are made to the same specifications as the original product so they will work just as well.  In competitive food industry kitchens, using OEM replacement parts is the only option for those kitchens looking to succeed.


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