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Star Manufacturing

Get to know this manufacturer’s history and expertise, as well as the Star Manufacturing products that CPS services for them.

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Star Manufacturing

Star Manufacturing produces fun food and concession equipment as well as some heavy duty equipment for high volume commercial kitchens. Star products include char broilers, fryers, toasters, griddles, finishing ovens, hot plates, food warmers, sandwich grills, merchandising equipment, and more.

Since 1921, Star Manufacturing International, Inc. has prided itself on making high quality, durable, and reliable commercial kitchen equipment.  Though its first product was a popcorn machine, Star has expanded exponentially by expanding its product line.  By mastering six different but specific kinds of commercial kitchen equipment, Star has cornered the market on counter top gas and electric commercial kitchen equipment, hot dog preparation and cooking equipment, popcorn machines, food warmers, display merchandisers, toasters, and waffle bakers.

Because they are so respected, especially in these six key categories, Star is a preferred provider of commercial kitchen equipment for stadiums and arenas all across the country.  In these types of high traffic venues, popcorn, hot dogs, and specialty foods are in high demand and are a massive revenue builder.  Star is trusted with this business because they have the knowledge to do it right.

One malfunctioning foodservice machine in a busy venue could add up to a large amount of lost profit.  The best way to fix and maintain one of Star’s commercial kitchen products is to use OEM replacement parts with them.  Star builds the products right the first time so they should be trusted to create the replacement parts.  A replacement part from a third party simply cannot compete with an OEM replacement part.

Busy venues like arenas and stadiums put their commercial kitchen equipment through touch circumstances so that equipment needs to handle the harshest punishment.  Star’s OEM commercial kitchen parts are designed to deal with the busiest of times without a problem.  Star’s durable and reliable commercial kitchen equipment deserves the quality and expertise that comes with OEM replacement parts.

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