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Promoting the People Behind the Parts

  Since opening our shop in 1972, Commercial Parts & Service has always taken great pride in the people that work for us. We often like to say that the …

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Everpure Water Filters Have An Edge Over The Competition

  In an ideal world, clean drinking water would be abundant and widely available. It is, after all, essential to our survival. Yet the reality is that this vital substance …

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New Tech highlight: Alto-Shaam’s Ovens Do It All

  Alto Shaam has long lead the pack with their innovative ovens since 1950. From ovens that cook overnight to heated display cases, Alto-Shaam is always coming up with new …

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How to Choose the Best Water Filter for Your Needs

  Leonardo da Vinci once said that “Water is the driving force of nature”. It should also be the driving force in your kitchen. Without clean water, everything from ice, …

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New Tech Highlight: The Reinvention of Marra Forni’s Brick Oven

In today’s industry, brick ovens are a coveted item among Italian restaurateurs across the country. Their ability to hold heat makes them extremely economical and efficient when cooking. Not to …

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Why Are Restaurants Getting Rid of Plastic Straws?

  You might have noticed that something is missing from some of your favorite restaurants: plastic straws. Many restaurants have decided to cut back on or completely eliminate their use …

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Beat the Summer Heat

  Summer has just begun and it’s already incredibly hot. This heat only gets worse when you enter a commercial kitchen that is full of ovens, grills, and fryers. All …

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Tips For Designing Your Food Truck

  As summer swings into full gear, you’re likely to see many food trucks. Whether they’re parked at a local fair or festival, or simply an open parking lot, these …

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Tips for Allergy Safety

  When running a restaurant, your top priority is your customers’ safety. One serious risk to your customers is the improper preparation of meals for customers with allergies. Careless cross-contamination …

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