How to Keep Your Commercial Blender Blades Sharp

Are you keeping up with regular commercial kitchen maintenance even for your small units? You’d be surprised how the occasional blender blade maintenance could save you from a disaster down …

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Gasket Maintenance For Your Commercial Kitchen: Why Is It So Important To Get Your Gaskets Checked?

While many people may automatically think “car” when they think about gasket maintenance, the truth is that gaskets can be found in a wide array of machinery, including items in …

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Commercial Ice Machines For Healthcare Facilities: Counter-top Nugget Ice Machine vs. Under Counter Ice Machines

If you work in a healthcare facility then you already know there is a vast difference between commercial food service ice machines, and those used in the medical world. While ice is …

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How To Prevent Freezer Burn From Contaminating Fresh Produce This Summer

Busy restaurants are bustling with crowds, eager to taste the fresh summer produce on hand. Summertime means dining out, and dining fresh. Is your kitchen and your customers reaping the …

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Preventative Maintenance For School Cafeterias And Kitchens

It is estimated that each day more than 32-million US students receive their sustenance for the afternoon from their school cafeteria. That means every day millions of students rely on …

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The Importance of Parts Manuals

Parts are one of the most important aspects of your kitchen equipment. If just one part fails, your whole kitchen could be out of commission, which is a nightmare for …

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Commercial Kitchen Emergency Services

Faulty fridge bringing your business down? Commercial kitchen accidents can happen at the drop of a hat, from kitchen fires to broken parts, and when something in your kitchen breaks …

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Trust Your Tech

As a one stop shop for installations, service, and resources, our team at CPS Ohio is happy to assist you in any of your commercial kitchen needs. After working with …

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Bunn O’Matic – The Best Results Are In The Cup

Have you ever heard the saying: “I survive Monday’s with coffee”? Coffee is a part of our culture and a necessary part of our mornings. In the United States alone …

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