How To Care For A Commercial Kitchen Hood

Caring for commercial kitchen equipment is essential in ensuring that your kitchen stands the tests of wear and time. And one of the most vital pieces of kitchen equipment that …

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How a CPS Commercial Kitchen Service Call Works

Preventative restaurant kitchen service is what CPS does best. Since 1972, CPS has been proud to become one of only 32 certified CFESA companies in the United States, with over …

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Why does CFESA Certification Matter?

Have you had a service call from CPS lately? Odds are, you’ve run into one of our 45 CFESA-Certified technicians at your restaurant. Every year, the Commercial Food Equipment Service …

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Ask A Tech: Is My Freezer Going Bad?

Your commercial freezer is a critical part of your kitchen operations. If your freezer were to fail tomorrow, how much inventory would you lose as a result? More importantly, how …

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Stay Efficient with Regular Commercial Kitchen Service

Energy consumption is one of the few costs business owners have control over every year. Being a green business doesn’t just help you save the environment – it can help …

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Ask A Tech: What Can I Do About A Poorly Heating Oven?

In every commercial restaurant kitchen, gas ovens are a critical piece to keeping food tasting great, as well as maintaining a properly working kitchen. Any stop in your business (especially …

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Reduce Your Fire Risk with Regular Maintenance

In the fast-paced world that surrounds your restaurant, preventing fires may not be your biggest concern on a daily basis. Though it isn’t front-of-mind when you’re managing front-of-house, an accidental …

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Ask a Tech: The Importance of a Clean Griddle

In many restaurants, the griddle is a mainstay of your kitchen’s output. This very versatile piece of equipment can make sure you keep operating with a number of food items. …

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Keep Your Buffet Ready for Easter Sunday & Beyond

It is estimated that on Easter Sunday, 33 million Americans will choose to dine out at a restaurant. Of those, over half will choose a restaurant with a buffet. Is …

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