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Always Choose a CFESA-Certified Technician

  When you’re looking for a company to service your commercial kitchen equipment, make sure you choose one that’s CFESA-certified. CFESA-certified companies offer the highest first-time fix rate and you …

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How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Free Of Pests This Winter

Summer has ended and winter is fast approaching. While we pile on sweaters and coats, pests are also looking for ways to beat the winter cold. Unfortunately, their solution is …

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Need a manual? We’ve got you covered.

You can find over 23,000 parts manuals on cpsohio.com. That’s a lot of manuals.   We make all of these manuals available to our customers because our top priority is …

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Hey Techs – Text Us Today!

Where’s your smartphone right now? I bet it’s within reach. In fact, chances are, you’re reading this on your smartphone right now. For better or worse, we’re hardly ever without …

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The Biggest Problems with Service Equipment (and how to avoid them)

In large commercial kitchens, it often seems that something is always breaking. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the biggest problems with service equipment and, most importantly, how …

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Myths About Service Repair, Don’t Believe Them!

Perhaps it’s the close working conditions or the long hours that tend to come with working in the industry, but everyone who has worked in a kitchen knows that myths …

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Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Walk-Ins This Summer

As temperatures climb outside, they can climb inside your walk-in refrigerators and freezers as well. Preventing this climb in temperatures is a vital part of keeping the food your kitchen …

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Basic Elements of Commercial Kitchen Design

If you want your commercial kitchen to run smoothly, design it well. The essential task of all commercial kitchen designers is to determine what you need and what you don’t. …

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Why It’s Best To Choose OEM Kitchen Equipment Parts

  When school is out for summer, it’s time to perform a deep check and evaluate your kitchen equipment and see what might need replacement. During the summer is the …

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