Cut The Fat in Your Commercial Kitchen

 Every commercial kitchen has a fat problem. Take a look around your kitchen next time you walk in. No matter where you go, and no matter what you touch, the …

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4 Clever Uses for Commercial Blenders

These days, blenders can be used to make more than just the typical smoothie or juice. In fact, many commercial blenders contain motors so strong that they can completely pulverize …

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3 Simple Solutions for Commercial Oven Issues

Commercial ovens are some of the most heavily used kitchen appliances in the hospitality industry, so parts replacement is more common than not. Whether your restaurant bakes the best hand-tossed …

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Common Commercial Deep Fryer Faults and Fixes

Typical American diners love their share of deep fried foods, so if your commercial deep fryer isn’t functioning properly, patrons will head elsewhere to sink their teeth into hot and …

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How Maintained Commercial Kitchens Make Better Food

One of the easiest ways to ensure that tasty, sanitary food leaves your kitchen is to adopt a simple equipment maintenance plan. In fact, just one slight maintenance oversight could …

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3 Surefire Ways Cleaning a Commercial Kitchen Can Save Cash

Fact: Buying cleaning tools is far less costly than replacing industrial kitchen appliances. And if you’re a smart and savvy restaurateur or kitchen manager, you know that cleaning your equipment …

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Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Plans in Ohio

At CPS, we’ve serviced thousands of commercial kitchens all around the state of Ohio and if there’s one thing we’ve learned in our time in business, it’s the importance of …

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Common Microwave Replacement Parts

One of the most common household kitchen appliances and certainly a hallmark achievement of the modern age, the microwave comes with its fair share of maintenance needs.   Some of the …

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Common Ice Machine Broken Parts

Ice makers and ice machines are not only a source of cool drinks, but also potential sources of revenue and added value. A hotel might have an ice maker for …

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