Commercial Kitchens and Technology

  When you think of fun new gadgets and technology improvements, you typically think of smart phones and other personal electronic devices, right? But have you ever considered how technology …

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Preparing Your Kitchen & Staff To Handle Food Allergies

  It seems that today, more and more people suffer from food allergies than ever before. Or at least, the issue of food allergies comes up more than it used …

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Ohio ProStart® Competition Recap

  Our Key Accounts Representative, Dave Majeski, was invited to judge the Management portion of the Ohio ProStart® Invitational for high school juniors and seniors competing in this year’s event. …

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CPS Employee, Dave Majeski, to Judge at Ohio ProStart® Invitational

  CPS is honored to be sending one of our Columbus employees, Dave Majeski, to act as a Judge for the 2016 Gordon Food Service Ohio ProStart® Invitational taking place …

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Preventing Foodborne Illness in a Commercial Kitchen

    If you haven’t been reading the news lately, you may have missed recent stories covering foodborne illness and contamination outbreaks at some popular food chains in the United …

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Food & Beverage Trends in 2016 That You Won’t Want to Ignore

  As a restaurant owner or commercial kitchen manager, you are probably aware of the changing tastes of your consumers. That being said, you’re probably so busy keeping your kitchen …

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How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Ice Machine?

  Your ice machine is integral to your commercial kitchen. Night or day your ice machine is in use, so how often should it be cleaned?   One of the …

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Operating Commercial Steamers – Best Practices For Keeping Your Employees Safe

  Are you operating a new commercial steamer in your kitchen? Here are the best practices to keep your employees safe.   When it comes to your commercial kitchen, it …

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How To Safely And Effectively Clean Your Commercial Oven

  The cleanliness of your oven can make a difference in how your food will taste. Here’s how to safely & effectively clean your commercial oven.   Cleaning your commercial …

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