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APW Wyott: 1513903

1513903 - APW Wyott - CPS

APW Wyott

Part #: 1513903

Light, Indicator

Part Models

HRS-31 - Grill, HOTROD Roller, Regular

HRS-50 - Grill, HOTROD Roller, Full Size

HR-50 - Grill, HOTROD Roller, Full Size

HR-31S - Grill, Hot Rod Roller, Slanted

HRS-31S - Grill, Hot Rod Roller, Slanted

HR-45 - Grill," Super Hot Rod" Flat Surface Roller

HR-75 - Grill," Super Hot Rod" Flat Surface Roller

HR-50S - Grill, HOTROD Roller, Slanted, Full Size

EGD-1836 - Electric Griddles, Drop-In Style

HR-31 - Grill, HOTROD Roller, Regular

HRS-75 5T - Hotrod Roller Grillers

HR-31BC - Roller Grills

HR-31BD - Roller Grills

HR-31BW - Roller Grills

HRS-31BC - Roller Grills

HRS-31BD - Roller Grills

HRS-31BW - Roller Grills

HR-31SBC - Roller Grills

HR-31SBD - Roller Grills

HR-31SBW - Roller Grills

HRS-31SBC - Roller Grills

HRS-31SBD - Roller Grills

HRS-31SBW - Roller Grills

HR-50BC - Roller Grills

HR-50BD - Roller Grills

HR-50BW - Roller Grills

HRS-50BC - Roller Grills

HRS-50BD - Roller Grills

HRS-50BW - Roller Grills

HR-50SBC - Roller Grills

HR-50SBD - Roller Grills

HR-50SBW - Roller Grills

HR-45BC - Roller Grills

HR-45BW - Roller Grills

HRS-45BC - Roller Grills

HRS-45BW - Roller Grills

HR-75BC - Roller Grills

HR-75BW - Roller Grills

HRS-75BC - Roller Grills

HRS-75BW - Roller Grills

HR-85BW - Roller Grills

HRS-85BW - Roller Grills

SPTU-30N - Thermo Drawer

SPTU-30 - Thermo Drawer

SPTU-50N - Thermo Drawer

SPTU-50 - Thermo Drawer

ST-120-2 - Hot Well Exposed Element Steam Tables

ST-120-4 - Hot Well Exposed Element Steam Tables

ST-120-5 - Hot Well Exposed Element Steam Tables

SST-2 - Sealed Steam Table

SST-3 - Sealed Steam Table

SST-4 - Sealed Steam Table

PSST-2 - Sealed Steam Table

PSST-3 - Sealed Steam Table

PSST-4 - Sealed Steam Table

PSST-5 - Sealed Steam Table

ST-2 - Sealed Steam Table

ST-3 - Sealed Steam Table

ST-4 - Sealed Steam Table

ST-5 - Sealed Steam Table

PST-2 - Sealed Steam Table

PST-3 - Sealed Steam Table

PST-4 - Sealed Steam Table

PST-5 - Sealed Steam Table


HR-31 - Hot Rod Flat Surface Roller Grills

EGD-1836 - Drop-In Style Electric Griddles

HR-31 - Hotrod Roller Grillers

HR-31S - HR-20S, HR-31S, HR-50S, HRS-20S, HRS-31S, HRS-50S, HotRod and Slanted Surface Roller Grill, Specification Sheet, 11/10/2011

HR-31 - HR-31, HR-31BC, HR-31BD, HR-31BW, HRS-31, HRS-31BC, HRS-31BD, HRS-31BW, HR-31S, HR-31SBC, HR-31SBD, HR-31SBW, HRS-31S, HRS-31SBC, HRS-31SBD, HRS-31SBW, HR-50, HR-50BC, HR-50BD, HR-50BW, HRS-50, HRS-50BC, HRS-50BD, HRS-50BW, HR-50S, HR-50SBC, HR-50SBD, HR-50SBW, HR-45, HR-45BC, HR-45BW, HRS-45BC, HRS-45BW, HR-75, HR-75BC, HR-75BW, HRS-75BC, HRS-75BW, HR-85BW, HRS-85BW, Hotrod, Slanted Hotrod, Full Menu Hotrod Roller Grills, Installation & Operation Instructions, P/N.8893920, 10/2008

SPTU-30 - SPTU-30N, SPTU-30, SPTU-50N, SPTU-50, XPERT Series Thermo Drawer, Specification Sheet, 10/26/2011

SPTU-30 - Utility Thermo Drawer

HR-31 - HR-20, HR-31, HR-45, HR-50, HR-75, HR-85, HRS-20, HRS-31, HRS-45, HRS-50, HRS-75, HRS-85, HotRod and Flat Surface Roller Grill, Specification Sheet, 11/10/2011

PSST-2 - SST-2, SST-3, SST-4, SST-5, PSST-2, PSST-3, PSST-4, PSST-5, ST-2, ST-3, ST-4, ST-5, PST-2, PST-3, PST-4, PST-5, Sealed Steam Table, Installation & Operating Instructions, P/N.8898750, 03/2011

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