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A La Carte OEM Parts and Manuals

90711-1 - A La Carte - CPS

Moonrise Large Tray Mat

144484 - A La Carte - CPS

T-Stat, 250F, NC Disc, Auto RS

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90809-2 - A La Carte - CPS

Plastic, For standard 9" round plate, 24 / Case

90809-1 - A La Carte - CPS

Plastic, For standard 9" round plate, 48 / Case

DC501-5-48 - A La Carte - CPS

32"H x 20-3/4" D x 20-3/4"L

207316 - A La Carte - CPS

30 3/4" H x 27 3/4" D x 25 7/8" W

207315 - A La Carte - CPS

53 1/4" H x 27 3/4" D x 26" W

G101163 - A La Carte - CPS

60 1/8" H x 33 3/8" D x 28 3/16" W

90713-1 - A La Carte - CPS

11 3/4" x 9 3/8", 1000 / Case

26070-1 - A La Carte - CPS

13.5" x 23", 20 / Case

26180-1 - A La Carte - CPS

44.5" H x 31" W x 34 " L, Requires 120V, 20 amps

26000-6 - A La Carte - CPS

44.5" H x 37" W x 40 " L, Requires 120V, 20 amps

26000-1 - A La Carte - CPS

62.5" H x 31" W x 34" L, Requires 120V, 20 amps

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About The Manufacturer: A La Carte

CPS Ohio is a proud supplier of the highest quality kitchen equipment manufacturers across the nation. A la Cart has been a leader in advanced meal delivery systems for over 30 years. Specializing in creating top quality products, Al la Cart commercial kitchen equipment is made to deliver both hot and cold food the way it should be. By serving the healthcare industry and other related establishments, A la Cart offers a wide range of food delivery systems, including dual temp carts, mobile carts, tray assembly systems, and storage equipment.

To help complete any commercial foodservice operation, À la Carte also has a line of dishware and kitchen counterparts, including plates, bowls, lids, trays and covers for everyday use. Each design is created to deliver the most efficient form of hospitality in order help the foodservice industry reach its highest potential.

A la Cart is the meal delivery sector of Unified Brands, who has been a leader in professional kitchen equipment manufacturing for more than 110 years. A la Cart have been experts in creating state-of-the-art meal delivery equipment since 1984 and continue to transform the way food is delivered in a variety of settings worldwide. A la Cart is among the five branded product lines that help Unified Brands provide the essential fundamentals for the evolving foodservice industry. Unified Brands, headquartered in Conyers, GA, also has three manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Mississippi, as they strive to build their company around the betterment of food service establishments worldwide.

A la Cart has structured their product inventory to be easily accessible through the Unified Brands website. In addition, A la Cart keeps their clients’ best interest by providing detailed descriptions of each system, including a list of brochures, manuals, sales sheets, spec sheets and whitepapers to help educate their customers on their designs. These helpful documents can be downloaded from the A la Carte division of the Unified Brands Website.

The A la Cart team takes pride in the qualities that set them apart from other food delivery services. Along with complete product functionality and the consistent practice of food safety, A la Cart values ultimate customer satisfaction. A la Cart constructs their products at the highest level of design, but even the most advanced equipment can experience malfunction from time to time. That’s why A la Cart provides a warranty on all of their products, parts and services.

Each standard system comes with a one-year warranty, as well as a reliable staff of certified technicians to deliver quality customer support at all times. The team can be contacted be calling the A la Cart technical service hotline at 1-888-994-7636 for any concerns in regard to A la Cart equipment. More information on the individual warranties and operation manuals can be found online or by calling the service hotline for immediate assistance.

Looking for a replacement part, assistance or service for your Al la Cart delivery system? Unified Brands is always available by calling 601-372-3903 or by using their online Representative Locator. CPS Ohio is also a proud supplier of replacement parts and manuals for A la Cart Kitchen Equipment. At CPS, we value the importance of consistent food safety. That’s why we continue to be a trusted service agent for A la Cart. With an abundance of highly trained service technicians, our dedicated crew is available 24/7 to help support you and your A la Cart Food Delivery Systems.