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About The Manufacturer: AccuTemp

CPS Ohio is a leading supplier of many different commercial kitchen equipment, parts and manuals, specializing in grilling, cooking, refrigeration and more. AccuTemp Products Inc. is one of the many unique foodservice equipment manufacturers that CPS Ohio proudly supplies.  Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, AccuTemp is a small, independent manufacturer that specializes in commercial steamers, griddles, ovens, and other industrial cooking appliances. AccuTemp’s line of high quality products include award winning, energy star performance equipment that has helped transform the way food is being cooked today. Their exclusive inventory includes:

  • The Evolution Steamer
  • Accu-Steam Griddle
  • Vision Combi Oven
  • Vision Touch Combi Oven
  • Steam’n’Hold Steamer
  • Edge Series Tile Skillets
  • Edge Series Kettles 

Accutemp has recently introduced the addition of PowerPlate™ technology to their line of Boilerless Steamers, which is one of the groundbreaking techniques that helped bring the company to where they are today. AccuTemp PowerPlate™ Technology is a state-of-the-art cooking method that has been designed for flexibility and high performance cooking while also meeting the ENERGY STAR® performance criteria. 

Accutemp was founded in 1993 when they originally starting serving a wide range of kitchens and food establishments.  The company started on an idea to use vacuum based technology to cook and hold foods by boiling water and generating steam at temperatures as low as 150° F. This innovated approach to cooking basically allows professional and commercial cooks to prepare and hold their foods for a longer period of time and increase the overall quality.   Their first groundbreaking invention was introduced shortly after as the first connection-free steamer, also known as the Steam'N'Hold.  The idea behind the Steam'n'Hold is to help produce steam in the bottom of the cooking portion of the device without actually being submerged in water. This feature allows the Steam’N’Hold to operate without the maintenance of water lines or drain lines. Steam’N’Hold is known to be a low maintenance technique to steaming food without the high costs of repairs and drainage.  The simplicity of the Accutemp Steam’N’Hold also helped explode their reputation in a positive light, as they were immediately named pioneers in the kitchen equipment industry. Over 25 years later, Accutemp still holds true to their mission creating high performane cooking products and providing one-of-a-kind customer service. 

Accutemp provides a Lifetime Service and Support Guarantee with each of their products, which includes complimentary access to the AccuTemp service team and additional cooking advice related to their products. AccuTemp also offers a list of downloadable literature that can help support their customers with any questions and concerns they might have. With a wide range of product manuals, installation checklists, guidelines and operational videos, AccuTemp provides reliable information that a customer might need to get started. Accutemp also employees a team of highly trained specialists for immediate assistance. Current and potential customers can call the main office at 800-210-5907 or by emailing Their support team is available seven days a week from 7am-7pm.

Searching for representative to purchase an AccuTemp product? AccuTemp offers a list of USA service agents to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. CPS Ohio also offers a wide variety of parts for AccuTemp Foodservice Units, including steamers and griddles. Whether for maintenance, assistance, or replacement parts, the CPS Ohio team of certified technicians is available 24/7 to serve you and your AccuTemp equipment.