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Bakers Pride OEM Parts and Manuals

S3136A - Bakers Pride - CPS

Bushing/Sleeve, 0.63/0.75 x 0.75 Duralon


M2140X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Igniter, Mini, 24V (Norton #401)


S1153X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Knob, 5/8"D x 5/8 F8-32 Blk


Q2222A - Bakers Pride - CPS

Screw, 5/16-18 x 1/2",Truss Hd,Slot,Zinc


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R3032A - Bakers Pride - CPS

Gas Valve Off-On LML 15 for Carry-Over Tubes

M0120X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Probe, [BC/GDCO11E]


M0110X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Thermostat, Fastron G6 [BC/GDCO11]


T1212A - Bakers Pride - CPS

Grate, Cast Iron 6" Top [CF-CT-CL]


G5073X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Radiant [CF/L/T]


T5107Y - Bakers Pride - CPS

Deck Scraper Brush


T1155T - Bakers Pride - CPS

Radiant Assy, SS


T1011A - Bakers Pride - CPS

Grate, Top Wavy 6-3/4" x 17-1/2"


t1007a - Bakers Pride - CPS

Radiant, Cast Iron, 23"


S3009X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Door Pin,Right side 3"(w/Nut & Wash)


S1311X - Bakers Pride - CPS

Knob, Thermostat/Tmr,Alum Inlay(#1940BJ)


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About The Manufacturer: Bakers Pride

In the 1940's Bakers Pride developed a factory-built, gas-fired ceramic deck transportable pizza oven. Today, Bakers Pride is renowned for producing the highest quality commercial baking, cooking, and pizza equipment to meet the changing needs of the pizza restaurant and commercial foodservice industries.

Bakers Pride isn't just well known for their gas-fired pizza ovens. They also produce convection ovens, counter top ovens, char broilers and heavy duty restaurant stoves and ovens.

When Bakers Pride set up shop in the 1940s in New York, they had a vision in mind that changed history and the way pizzas are made. That mission was to become the leading maker of convection ovens, pizza ovens and bake ovens. Today Bakers Pride is proud of their ability to serve the food service industry with quality products.

Developing a pizza oven that would later go on to revolutionize how pizzas are baked is a labor of love for Bakers Pride and involved carefully refining the little things that matter, such as distributing heat evenly, focusing on precise temperature controls and paying great attention to developing energy efficient burners.

However, traditional transportable ovens are not the only thing that Baker's Pride is capable of releasing to cooks around the world. They also make very high caliber deck ovens and even conveyor ovens as well.