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Montague OEM Parts and Manuals

810-0617 - Montague - CPS

Thermopile, Single Screw-in Lead with Standard-size Barrel

810-1873 - Montague - CPS

Thermopile, Double-Lead with Push-on Terminals

812-1286 - Montague - CPS

Pilot Assembly, Natural Gas (Does not include thermopile.)

813-0154 - Montague - CPS

Plug, Gas Pressure Test Port

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810-0703 - Montague - CPS

Gas Line, 0.25-inch x 17.50-inch

807-1603 - Montague - CPS

Gas Valve, Honeywell Millivolt Natural Gas

814-0034 - Montague - CPS

Ceramic Deflector (Target), Side and Small Rear

810-0162 - Montague - CPS

Thermopile, Screw-in with Small Barrel (also requires adapter 810-0425)

810-0159 - Montague - CPS

Thermopile, Double-Lead with Forked Terminals

812-1287 - Montague - CPS

Pilot Assembly, Propane Gas (Does not include thermopile.)

807-1604 - Montague - CPS

Gas Valve, Honeywell Millivolt Propane Gas

23887-8 - Montague - CPS


36345-6 - Montague - CPS


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About The Manufacturer: Montague

CPS Ohio is a proud supplier of the highest quality kitchen equipment manufacturers across the nation. The Montague Company is one that is commonly known for their unique approach to designing the most advanced cooking equipment for all types of food establishments. With a wide range of products including ovens, ranges, pasta cookers and fryers, Montague’s kitchen equipment is made at their production facility in Hayward, California. Their extensive inventory also includes a broad selection of Island Suites, Refrigerated Bases, Broilers, Countertop Equipment, Griddles and Stockpot Stoves. They also offer reputable brands, such as Legend, Excalibur, Hearth Bake, Technostar, and Vectiare. The Montague Company takes pride in the fact that each individual design is consistently made with the highest quality materials, making their products one of the most effective in the food industry.

About Montague Company: A Quick Overview

The Montague Company has been a family owned business for over 150 years. Established in San Francisco and founded by Wilfred Weed Montague, the small start-up company was initially known for selling pots, pans and other kitchen hardware items. Over time, Montague began manufacturing a variety of ranges, ovens and stove tops, which eventually evolved into the extensive product line that we know today. The Montague Company remains true to their conventional ways by using skillful methods to create the highest quality commercial cooking equipment.

How to Find Montague Company Manuals, Specs and Warranty Info

The Montague Team is known for putting their customers first, which is why their customer service team is considered to be one of the best. With plenty of manuals and helpful documents that can be easily found online, Montague makes it convenient for those who are looking for immediate information or assistance. Montague offers a full price list, spec sheets, and other resources to help guide their customers. They also offer warranties on all of their products with many of their products containing a lifetime door warranty on appliances such as the Technostar Oven, the Vectaire Convection Oven, the Legend Range, and the Pizza, Bake & Roast Oven. The Montague team can be reached by telephone at their main office line at (510) 785-8822, or customers can submit a service request form on their company website.

CPS Ohio proudly supplies OEM Replacement Parts and Manuals for many appliances made by the Montague Company. Those who are seeking Montague’s Kitchen Equipment products for their business can find the closest dealer online through the Online Sales Locator. They can also contact CPS Ohio’s STAR certified team for immediate assistance concerning Montague’s kitchen equipment and OEM replacement parts.