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Robot Coupe OEM Parts and Manuals

117900 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(A) 2 1/2 Qt Clear Bowl, R100



117954 - Robot Coupe - CPS

* (HA) Straight Blade Only, R60T



59168 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(FA) Shaft Seal Ring Assy



59127 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(GA) Safety Switch Assy



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59128 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(GA) Hinge Assy



39077 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(B) Pin Assy R2N 3qt. Clear Bowl



39103 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(B) Pin Assy, R2N 3qt Gray



39108 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(B) R2N Motor Support, 3qt



29984 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(C) Base R301U Series C



507050 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(DA) O-Ring, R30, R45



118153 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(DA) Bowl Seal, R30,R45



29780 - Robot Coupe - CPS

(AA) Knife W/Screws For Slicing Plate



103288 - Robot Coupe - CPS

* (B)Discharge Plate



R664S - Robot Coupe - CPS



R604S - Robot Coupe - CPS

Seal, Motor



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About The Manufacturer: Robot Coupe

For over 30 years, Robot Coupe USA has produced a wide variety of mixing and processing products: power mixers, vegetable prep machines, juicers, vertical and bowl cutter mixers, and combination mixers for a wide range of restaurants and commercial kitchen environments.

Over the years, Robot Coupe has been honored many times for their superior products and excellent customer service. Recently Robot Coupe was named “Best in Class” in the food processor category by an independent panel of industry equipment dealers and consultants.

Specializing in juicing units, bowl cutters, vegetable preparation machines and their recognized Blixers™ , Robot Coupe’s products are the preferred choice of top chefs worldwide. More chefs choose Robot Coupe’s Blixers™ because they provide reliability and efficiency. It's a simple, elegant design solution, which meets the needs of high-volume food service kitchens.

Now, almost 25 years after introducing the Robot Coupe food processor at the LeRuth Restaurant in New Orleans, Robot Coupe continues to dominate the mixing and juicing machine industry and has become a leader in in the development of food processors, vegetable preparation units, and combination units. And like all true category leaders, Robot Coupe will continue to improve and raise the bar with continuous product innovations.

In the food industry, reliability and efficiency are crucial in today's fast-paced foodservice environment. Downtime is just too costly; CPS offers a wide variety of mixing and juicing parts for any Robot Coupe foodservice units.  No matter what you need, CPS can deliver! Rest assured knowing that you can trust us to maintain and service your business’s foodservice equipment by Robot Coupe!

When you choose to work with CPS, you get more than quality Robot Coupe replacement parts. You’ll be instantly connected with a team of certified technicians. Our service and maintenance team is available 24/7 to deal with any potential issues that you may encounter with your foodservice equipment.