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Somat OEM Parts and Manuals

41734 - Somat - CPS

Motor, 7-1/2HP (Serial # 7267 & Above Straight Shaft )-OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 00-975503

32460 - Somat - CPS

Flinger, Drive Motor

16200 - Somat - CPS

Vibration Pad (Bumper)

11311 - Somat - CPS

Backflow Preventer, 3/4"

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64840 - Somat - CPS

Drain Valve, 2" Ball

64805 - Somat - CPS

Gate Valve, 1" NPT Brass

28211 - Somat - CPS

3 Pos. S/S Push Button Station ( 120V W/Selector Switch )

28214 - Somat - CPS

2 Pos. S/S Push Button Station ( 120V Assembly)

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About The Manufacturer: Somat

Somat Corporation was born in 1962; one thing has remained the same since Somat’s humble beginnings—its innovative spirit. It has earned global recognition and accolades such as the NRA’s Kitchen Innovator Award for groundbreaking efforts in engineering and producing waste management equipment. Somat prides itself through the groundbreaking innovation that continues to transform the industrySomat’s products have been installed in schools, hospitals, casinos, colleges, cafeterias, cruise ships, government facilities, the military and other high-profile/high-volume operations.  Somat has been a recognized leader in pulping and other waste management equipment that cannot be compared to any other company in waste management and reduction. Somat offers multiple lines of pulping, extracting, shredding and dehydrating systems that provide waste management solutions for your restaurant, commercial or industrial.Choose CPS to deliver the Somat parts that you need and to service all of your foodservice equipment. Our team is dedicated to keeping your kitchen moving forward at full steam.