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Star Manufacturing Models

Star Manufacturing Model List

"STEAMRO SR." 1-12 1-9N 1-9NRL 11 QUART 11RW 11RW-11H 11RW-P 11WLA 11WLA-HS 11WLA-P 12 12MC 12MCPT 12S 1301 14HL 14HLR 15MC 15MCMR 15MCN 15MCPT 15PDC-A 16PD-A 174CBA 174SBA 175CBA 175SBA 178-A 178A 179-A 180-A 18MCP 18MCPT 20 20C 20S 20SC 20SCE 20SG-1D 20SG-2D 210HX 214HX 214HXRETB208 25 25S 25SG-FCA 25SX 25X 3-06 DP36 30 301HDL 301HLD 301HLDS 30BB 30BBC 30BBE 30C 30CBB 30CBBC 30CBBE 30CBD 30CBDE 30CBDE Grill-Max Roller Grill With Bun Drawer 30CDV 30CE 30CF 30CHD 30CHDE 30DV 30E 30F 30S 30SBB 30SBBE 30SC 30SCBB 30SCBBE 30SCBD 30SCBDE 30SCE 30SCEX 30SCF 30SCHD 30SCHDE 30SE 30SF 30SG-2D 314HX 318HX 318HXGB-208V 35SSA 35SSAD 35SSC 39 39-A 39A 39D-A 39R-A 39S-A 39S-AS 39S-GWP 3APT 3DWLA 3DWLA-4H 3DWLA-FW 3DWLA-P 3DWLA-PHS 3DWLA-PP 3DWLA-R 3DWLAPPHS 3DWLAPPHS24E 3DWSA 3DWSA-4H 3DWSA-FW 3DWSA-P 3DWSA-PHS 3DWSA-PP 3DWSAPPHS 3DWSAPPHS24E 3WLA 3WLA-4H 3WLA-B 3WLA-BQ 3WLA-BQR 3WLA-C 3WLA-CD 3WLA-CDHS 3WLA-F 3WLA-FP 3WLA-HS 3WLA-N 3WLA-NHS 3WLA-NP 3WLA-P 3WLA-W 3WSA 3WSA-4H 3WSA-B 3WSA-HS 3WSA-P 3WSA-W 40 404A 404D 40S 414HXMA 45 45A 45ABB 45ADV 45C 45CBB 45CBD 45CDV 45CHD 45S 45SA 45SABB 45SAE 45SARE 45SC 45SCBB 45SCBC 45SCBD 45SCBDE 45SCBE 45SCE 45SCFET 45SCFT 45SCHD 45SCHDEP 45SCHDEP-120V 45SCRE 45SG-1D 45SG-2D 45SG-FCA 45SX 45X 4RW 4RW-L 4RW-P 50 502D 502DS 502FA 502FD 50BB 50BBC 50BBE 50BBES 50C 50CBB 50CBBC 50CBBE 50CBBES 50CBD 50CBDE 50CDV 50CE 50CF 50CHD 50CHDE 50DV 50E 50F 50S 50SBB 50SBBE 50SC 50SCBB 50SCBBE 50SCBD 50SCBDE 50SCE 50SCEX 50SCF 50SCHD 50SCHDE 50SCHDEP-120V 50SCHDM-120V 50SE 50SF 50SG-1D 50SG-2D 510FD 5136CD 5136CD-230V 515 5150 515D 515E 515ED 515TG 515TGD 515TGD-AP 515TGD-AP20 518CMA 52 524 CHSA 524CHS 524CHSD 524SB 524SBA 524TG 524TGD 524TGD-AP 524TGD-DIV6/8 524TGDS 526CMA 526TOA 526WOA 530D 530FA 530T 530TA 530TD 530TE 530TEA 530TED 532D 536 536CHS 536CHSD 536CHSD-230V 536SB 536SBA 536TCD 536TG 536TGD 536TGD-230V 536TGDS 53T1 548CHS 548CHSD 548TG 548TGD 548TGDS 54IC 54ICE 54ISC 54ISCE 550TEA 6015CBA 6015CBD 6015CBDS 601SPRD 6024 6024CBA 6024CBD 6024CBDS 602HD 602HD-SU 602HDS 602HWD 6036CBA 6036CBD 6036CBDS 6048CBA 6048CBD 6048CBDS 604HD 604HD-SU 606HD 606HD-SU 6115RCBA 6115RCBD 6115RCBDS 6124RCBA 6124RCBD 6124RCBDS 6136RCBA 6136RCBD 6136RCBDS 6148RCBA 6148RCBD 6148RCBDS 615F 615FA 615FD 615MA 615MD 615TD 624MA 624MD 624MD-LP 624MDS 624TCHSD 624TD 624TD-LP 624TD/TMGT25 624TSPD 630F 630FA 630FD 636MA 636MD 636MD-LP 636MDS 636TCHSD 636TD 636TD-LP 636TSPD 648MA 648MD 648MD-LP 648MDS 648TCHSD 648TD 648TD-LP 648TSPD 70SSA 724T 724TCHS 736T 736TCHS 748T 748TCHS 75 75A 75ABB 75ABBE 75ABBES 75ADV 75AE 75AF 75AFV 75C 75CBB 75CBBE 75CBBES 75CBD 75CBDE 75CDV 75CE 75CF 75CFV 75CHD 75CHDE 75FF 75S 75SA 75SABB 75SABBE 75SAE 75SAF 75SAFE 75SARE 75SC 75SCBB 75SCBBE 75SCBD 75SCBDE 75SCE 75SCF 75SCFE 75SCFET 75SCFT 75SCHD 75SCHDE 75SCRE 75SCRHB7 75SG-1D 75SG-2D 75SG-FCA 75SZRHB7 760T 760TCHS 772T 772TCHS 7RW 7RW-7H 800M 800T 8024CB 802H 8036CB 8048CB 804H 8060CB 806H 8072CB 808H 8124RCB 8136RCB 8148RCB 8160RCB 8172RCB 824-LP 824M 824M-LP 824T 824T-LP 824TS 824TS-LP 824TSCHS 824TSCHS-LP 836-LP 836M 836M-LP 836T 836T-LP 836TS 836TS-LP 836TSCHS 836TSCHS-LP 848-LP 848M 848M-LP 848T 848T-LP 848TS 848TS-LP 848TSCHS 848TSCHS-LP 8572D3F 86 860-LP 860M 860M-LP 860T 860T-LP 860TS 860TS-LP 860TSCHS 860TSCHS-LP 86S 86S-230CE 86SS 86SS-230CE 872-LP 872M 872M-LP 872T 872T-LP 872TS 872TS-LP 872TSCHS 872TSCHS-LP 8752 8B-UM1833-208V 8B-UM1833-240V 8B-UM1850-208V 8B-UM1850-240 8B-UM1850-240V 8C-39-A-120V 8C-39-A-240V 8C-39-A-240VE 8C-39D-A-120V 8C-39D-A-230CE 8C-39D-A-240V 8C-39D-A-240VE 8C-39R-A-120V 8C-39R-A-230CE 8C-39S-A-120V 8C-39S-A-240V 8C-39S-A-240VE 8C-39S-AS-120V 8C-39S-GWP-120V 8C-86S-120V 8C-86SS-120V 8D-HFD-1-P 8D/HFD/1/CR 8F-524SB 8F-524SBW 8F-536SB 8G-624MA-LP 8G-624TA-LP 8G-624TB-LP 8G-636MA-LP 8G-636TA-LP 8G-636TB-LP 8G-648MA-LP 8G-648MD 8G-648TA-LP 8G-648TB-LP 8GF860TS 90-BG3 90IC 90ICE 90ISC 90ISCE 9B-SWB7R1 9B-SWB7R2 9B-SWB7RB 9B-SWB7RBS 9B-SWB8RBD 9B-SWB8RBL 9B-SWB8SQ 9B-SWCB 9D-CG14SPTS 9D-GR10T4K-UK 9D-GR136 9D-GR14B-120V 9D-GR14SPT 9D-GR14SPTK-CN 9H-DT14 9H-Q3-95ARB BG3 CCOF4 CCOH-3 CCOH-3NB CCOH3 CCOQ-3 CD1PG CD2P CD2P-2 CD2P-3 CD2PG-3 CD3 CD5 CG10 CG10I CG10I-230V CG10IT-230V CG10IT4 CG10ITJD CG10ITJD-240V CG13-HKRR CG13HKRRA CG14 CG14-230V CG14I CG14I-230V CG14IGT CG14IT-230V CG14SPT CG14SPTE CG14SPTE120C CG14SPTE120V CG14SPTI CG14SPTIG CG14SPTK1 CG14SPTS-120C CG14SPTS-120V CG14STE CG14T-230V CG28 CG28I CG28I-230V CG28I-240V CG28I-240VC CG28IB CG28IGT-240V CG28IGT-240VC CG28IT-240V CG28IT-240VC CG28ITGT-240V CG28ITGT-240VC CG28SPTI-240V CG313ELD CG313ERD CG5SSPT-120V CSD-2-H CSD-2NH DT14 DT14SH EC14PB-240V ECOH-PP208BK EHS-C EHS-PT EHS-S FGDLTBA FGILTBA FGTBA FS1D FS1DT FS1R FS1RS-120V FS1RT FS2D FS2DT FS2R FS2RT FSF FSFD FSFDT FSFR FSFRT G-12 G12 G12-AT G12Y G14 G14-AT G14Y G18 G18-AT G8 G8-AT GGM-24 GR10 GR10-230V GR10I GR10I-230V GR10IT-230V GR10IT4 GR10IT4-120V GR10T-230V GR10T4K-UK GR135 GR135A GR14 GR14 120V GR14-230V GR14-SPT GR14B GR14I GR14I-230V GR14IT-230V GR14ITTC-240 GR14SPT GR14SPT-240V GR14SPTA GR14SPTA-UK GR14SPTC GR14SPTI GR14SPTIP GR14SPTK GR14SPTK-240V GR14SPTK-CE GR14SPTK-CN GR14SPTK-TAI GR14SPTK-UK GR14SPTKG-CE GR14SPTKG240 GR14STE GR14T-230V GR28 GR28CCTS GR28CCTS-120V GR28I GR28I-230V GR28I-240V GR28I-240VC GR28IT-240V GR28IT-240VC GR28ITGS-240V GR28ITGS-240VC GR28SPTI-240V GX10IG GX10IS GX10ISG GX14IG GX14IS GX14ISG GX20IG GX20IGS GX20IS HFD-1 HFD-1-CR HFD-1-P HFD-1CRPL HFD-2 HFD2A HFD2A-120V/230V HFD3A HFD3A-120V/230V HPD-1 HPD1 HPD1ARB HPD1E HPD1H HPD1HP HPD1P HPD1SHP HPD2 HPD2E HPD2H HPD2HP HPD2P HPD2PE HPDE1 HPDE1H HPDE1HP HPDE1P HPDE1SHP HPDE2 HPDE2H HPDE2HP HPDE2P HRS-85 HW-1060 HW106D JR4 LRB24 M-30 MM14 208V NA NFS NHT 2 UL NL NL (530FD?) PBF12G PCB-6 PCD-5 PCD-6 PF-F-3 PO12 PST7E QCS-1 QCS-1-350 QCS-1-500B QCS-2-300H QCS-2-500 QCS-2-600H QCS-3-1300 QCS-3-950H QCSe-2-500 QCSe-2-600H QCSe-2-800 QCSe-3-1000 QCSe-3-1300 QCSe-3-950H QT14 QT14R R2E-1200B RCS RCS-2 RCS-2-500 RCS-2-600 RCS-3 RCS-3-1000 RCS-3-1300 RCS-3-950 RCSE-2-1200 RCSE-2-1200BK RW26 SDW1 SDW1N SDW1W SDW2 SDW2C SDW2N SDW2NC SDW2W SDW3 SDW3C SDW3N SDW3NC SPD1ARB SPD1P SPDE1ARB SPDE1ARB-120V SPDE1HP SPDE1HP-120V SPDE2ARB SPDE2ARB-120V SS30BB SS30BBC SS50BB SS50BBC SSG24 SSG30 SSG36 SSG36C SSG48 SSG48C SST-12 SST-20 SST-25 SST-30 SST-45 SST-45HC SST-50 SST-75 ST02 ST04 STO2 STO4 STO4H SWB7R SWB7R1 SWB7R1E SWB7R2 SWB7R2E SWB7RB SWB7RBE SWB7RBS SWB8RBD SWB8RBDE SWB8RBE SWB8RBL SWB8RBLE SWB8RDE SWB8SQ SWB8SQE SWCB SWCBE T710H T710TX T714H T714TX TBH14 TG1 TG2 TH14 TMGE48 TMGM24 TQ-800HBA TQM24 TT1200 TT1200-S TT900H TT960 UBE30-208V UM-1854 UM1800 UM1833 UM1833-208V UM1833-240V UM1833A UM1850 UM1850-208V UM1850-240V UM1850A UM1854 LP UM1854-LP UM1854-LPX UM1854-NAT UM1854-NATCE UM1854-NATX UM3200 UM3240 UM3255 VBEA-208V WB1 WVF886 X50S


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