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About The Manufacturer: T & S Brass & Bronze Works

T&S Brass manufactures and sells faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories for foodservice and other commercial applications. Its products have become the standard for the majority of U.S. hospitals, schools, restaurants, prisons and public facilities.

T & S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been advancing commercial plumbing since it was founded in 1947.  Their user friendly product lines of sinks, faucets, and plumbing systems have been trusted as an industry leader both in and outside of America.

With their main production and customer service facility located in South Carolina and a distribution facility located in California, T & S Brass and Bronze Works has expanded greatly in the last 20 years.  Both Europe and Australia have distribution facilities which allow T & S Brass and Bronze Works products to be used in Europe, Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America.  This worldwide recognition is a testament to the long life, durability, and reliability of T & S Brass and Bronze Works and their OEM replacement parts.

One of the main reasons T & S Brass and Bronze Works is trusted globally is because their fittings, faucets, and specialty products for schools, hospitals, prisons, public facilities, and restaurants are incredibly reliable.  The long lifecycles of T & S Brass and Bronze Works’ equipment can partially be attributed to their OEM replacement parts.  By using OEM replacement parts on fittings and faucets, consumers have a better chance of maintaining their commercial equipment.

Used in commercial settings in America and across the globe, T & S Brass and Bronze Works’ equipment has the durability to meet the life-long needs of any kitchen when maintained with OEM replacement parts.  Replacement faucet parts and replacement fittings are essential for any commercial kitchen that is looking to repair their T & S Brass and Bronze Works equipment.