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TurboChef OEM Parts and Manuals

TC3-3221 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, C3, Solid State Relay



tc3-3202 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, C3, Cooling Fan (Single Fan, 24VDC)



NGC-3030-2 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, Mag Fan/Software Update Subway Tornado (U.S.)



HHB-8114 - TurboChef - CPS

Filter, Grease, Original HhB Oven,



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102807 - TurboChef - CPS

Hinge Door



102789 - TurboChef - CPS

Actuator, Door Magnet



NGC-3023 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, VF Display w/Cable



NGC-3012 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, Insulation, for Top Heater, NGC



NGC-3003 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, Bottom IR Element Watlow



NGC-1308 - TurboChef - CPS

Gasket, RF, Waveguide, Stamped, SS



NGC-3033 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, Primary Door Switch Replacement/w Bracket & Hardware



100201 - TurboChef - CPS

0.91 UF, HV CAPACITOR, 2350 VAC (See NGC-3020)



NGC-3005 - TurboChef - CPS

Solid State Relay, Dual 40-Amp, Service Kit



NGC-3011 - TurboChef - CPS

Service Kit, Top Convection Heater



NGC-3016 - TurboChef - CPS

Front Waveguide w/Gasket, Service Kit



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About The Manufacturer: TurboChef

Since 1991, TurboChef Technologies has provided their customer base with custom cooking solutions for restaurants, and commercial or industrial foodservice application—keeping innovation and performance in mind with every unit that is ordered.All kitchen equipment needs to be serviced and from time to time, not matter how well the equipment is being kept. At CPS, we provide reliable replacement parts and service.  All of our parts are OEM, meaning the parts are originally from the manufacturer and guaranteed to fit 100%.  Our extensive parts inventory is available to be viewed online.When you choose CPS for your commercial parts and service, know that WE will give you more than quality Turbo Chef replacement parts. You’ll be instantly connected with a team of certified technicians. Our service and maintenance team is available 24/7 to deal with any potential issues that you may encounter with your foodservice equipment.