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  1. TBC-ENC-1311 image
    [TurboChef] ENC-1311
    Cable, Display, Power, 7"
  2. TBC-ENC-1312 image
    [TurboChef] ENC-1312
    Cable, Smart card Reader 17"
  3. TBC-ENC-3005-1 image
    [TurboChef] ENC-3005-1
    Service kit, Encore, Light Ring, General Market
  4. TBC-ENC-3015-1 image
    [TurboChef] ENC-3015-1
    Service Kit, Encore, Door Hinge, Left
  5. TBC-ENC-3015-2 image
    [TurboChef] ENC-3015-2
    Service Kit, Encore, Door Hinge, Right
  6. TBC-I1-9497 image
    [TurboChef] I1-9497
    Pan, Cooking, Aluminum, 3-Edge, Hard-Anodized, Solid, 9.5” x 11.75” x 0.5” (240 mm x 300 mm x 13 mm)
  7. TBC-i1-9496 image
    [TurboChef] i1-9496
    Pan, Cooking, Aluminum, Hard-Anodized, Solid,
  8. TBC-NGC-1478 image
    [TurboChef] NGC-1478
    Paddle, Aluminum,
  9. TBC-i1-3221 image
    [TurboChef] i1-3221
    Kit, Panini Grill Rack and Tray, So?ta Oven
  10. TBC-i3-9167 image
    [TurboChef] i3-9167
    Rack, Standard, i3 Oven
  11. TBC-100913 image
    [TurboChef] 100913
    Nut, #10-32, Hex, Zinc, Serrated Flange (Waveguide)
  12. TBC-101402 image
    [TurboChef] 101402
  13. TBC-101682 image
    [TurboChef] 101682
    Screw #8 x 3/8" Phil. Mod, Truss SS (HHB Door Shunt Screw)
  14. TBC-i1-3204 image
    [TurboChef] i1-3204
    REPLACED BY I1-3219
    Limited availability

    We're here to help!

    Availability and pricing for this part often changes. Request a quote, and let our experts find the right part at the right price.
  15. TBC-i1-3213 image
    [TurboChef] i1-3213
    Service Kit, NGO-SOTA, Door Spring Replacement (2 Springs)
  16. TBC-i1-3214 image
    [TurboChef] i1-3214
    Service Kit, Stirrer Shaft Assembly, All NGO/SOTA (4.89" Long)
  17. TBC-i3-3201 image
    [TurboChef] i3-3201
  18. TBC-i3-3216 image
    [TurboChef] i3-3216
  19. TBC-i5-3209 image
    [TurboChef] i5-3209
  20. TBC-i5-3217 image
    [TurboChef] i5-3217
    Service Kit, Stirrer Shaft Assy (All i5 and i3 w/serial # below 1000, 3.38")
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