Troubleshooting Your Commercial Refrigerator

Posted September 11, 2012 by CPS

Just as your car needs energy to run, a restaurant needs a properly running refrigerator to function. Without it, your restaurant would have rotten ingredients and major inconveniences. What do you do if you open the fridge door to find that it isn’t as cool as it usually is? We’ve put together a few tips to help if this ever happens to your commercial refrigerator.

  1. Is Your Refrigerator On? Yes, we know this may seem like a ridiculous question. But yes, it is important. You would be surprised to find how often that is the answer to this kind of problem. If by chance, your refrigerator is off, avoid opening the door for any reason. This will cause heat to get inside and thus spoil any food. A decent commercial refrigerator should keep the food good for a day or two without power, but this all depends on the amount of food inside.
  2. The Evaporator Fan is Next. If the power is on, and it’s still not keeping cool, check to see if your evaporator fan has any ice build-up around it. This could cause the fan to stop and/or malfunction. Be sure to clean the coil and make sure that the drain line is also clear.
  3. System Check. If the fan is not the problem, then the next step is to check temperatures, pressures, sub cooling elements, and superheat elements.  This can get a little tricky, so be sure to contact a service technician if you need any help. And lucky for you, CPS has plenty of people willing to assist you!
  4. Other Areas to Check. Sometimes your refrigerator can knock something loose over time, so look to see if all of your gaskets are sealed up tight. This can be a simple fix that won’t require an experienced technician to help you out. Just make sure that everything is sealed and tight to keep in the cool air.

If all of these areas end up not being the problem, grab your manual and get ahold of a dedicated technician to help you figure out how to solve your problem. If you are need of any parts, CPS carries replacement parts for many different commercial refrigerators, get in contact with us today!