5 Popular Commercial Food Warmer Manufacturers

Posted October 3, 2012 by CPS

Despite the fast paced and often hectic lives of customers today, there is still an expectation of restaurants to run perfectly all the time. And for any good, well-run restaurant, these picky customers are right. Nothing ruins a meal at a restaurant quite as fast as having a server lay a cold plate in front of you. Who wants a room temperature steak? A flat, chilly soup? Perfect food, though, does not always result from perfect timing, which is why many restaurants and caterers rely on food warmers to keep their product as hot and delicious as when it came out of the pan. We’ve compiled some of the top food warmer manufacturers:

Alto-Shaam – Innovators in food warmers that both cook and hold meat, we are more than proud to carry Alto-Shaam.
APW Wyott – Their long tradition of food service products has given their food warmers a proven track record.
• BKI – Specializing in food warmers for merchandising applications, BKI is a great resource, especially for convenience stores.
Duke Manufacturing – Duke is a leader in innovation with their Heatsink technology, making their food warmers efficient and effective.
Wells-Bloomfield – Beginning their production in 1925 with waffle irons, Wells-Bloomfield has grown greatly in the industry.

The role of food warmers in restaurants cannot be overstated. To keep your kitchen buzzing, it is important to keep your food moving. Stale foods means stale service and a stale restaurant. With food warmers, you can keep your cooks busy, your servers moving, and your tables turning. And your food warm, of course.

Whether your restaurant is a 500-seat behemoth or a corner café, A food warmer should be a staple of your kitchen. With a wide array of manufacturers out there, there is a food warmer designed to hold nearly any type of food from pot roasts to soups.

At CPS, what’s most important is finding the best product or part for you and your needs. For a restaurant kitchen, we have the experience in the field and the knowledge to know just what you need. From initial sale to problem solving, CPS has your back. If you have questions on what food warmer is right for you, give us a call; we’re happy to help.