7 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Free of Pests

Posted October 22, 2012 by CPS

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to spend precious time worrying about keeping your kitchen in peak condition. We all know we live in an imperfect world though so let us help with your kitchen.

Every restaurant, no matter how hard they work, is bound to encounter some problem controlling pests. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault; it just happens. There are, however, simple ways to help keep your pest problem under control so that you can keep your restaurant safe and operating.

1. Clean your restaurant! No brainer, right? It seems simple enough but a dirty kitchen is an invitation to critters to come in and make a home. If something gets spilled, get someone to clean it up immediately. If meats or produce have gone bad, get rid of them before bugs take over. Do the dishes. Clean the sink. A clean restaurant is the first and most important step to keeping pests at bay.

2. Seal nooks and crannies. Mice love kitchens because there’s free food and shelter. By blocking small entrances to your kitchen, you can help keep the little critters out.

3. Install screen doors. With all the stoves, ovens, and grills in commercial kitchens, they can get pretty hot. Even if your air conditioner is top notch, it’s still nice for staff to crack a door or window sometimes. By installing screens, you can allow fresh air while keeping bugs out.

4. Secure your storage containers. Something as simple as a lid can keep your food and your customers safe.

5. Keep an exterminator on speed-dial. If you let a professional assess your situation before major problems arise, you can keep pests to a minimum. Get rid of problems before they get rid of you.

6. Invest in traps. Rat and bug traps are a preventative measure but they can also be used to gauge how much of a problem you have. Lay a couple traps out; if they’re clean after a week, you’re probably in good shape.

7. Check deliveries for contamination. You can keep your restaurant sterile but you could be in danger if your suppliers bring the bugs in. Before you let anything in your kitchen, make sure it up to your standards.

These seven simple measures will go far in keeping your restaurant in peak working condition. If you have any other tips that might be useful, tell us about them on Facebook!