7 Tips for Maximizing Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Posted November 7, 2012 by CPS

If you work in an already functioning restaurant, chances are completely remodeling your kitchen is not happening in the near future.  Because it’s such a labor and cost intensive project, many restaurants will wait many years before deciding to remodel their kitchen.

However, sometimes your kitchen needs a change to better accommodate new items or employees.  Shy of a complete overhaul, rearranging and reorganizing your kitchen may be your best option for creating a safe and efficient workflow for your restaurant.

  • Condense where you can.  If you have a 20 seat restaurant, you probably don’t need to allocate half of your kitchen for something specific.  Your commercial kitchen appliances should all be big enough to get the job done but not overwhelming.
  • Optimize high spaces.  Your restaurant’s refrigerator is no longer just for keeping food cool.  Use the top of your fridge as a makeshift shelf.  A stepladder next to your fridge will also keep that shelf in reach.
  • Mobilize your space.  If your entire kitchen is stationary, there’s little room for mid-shift rearranging.  Put your trashcan on wheels so that it goes to the station that needs it most.  Like carts, wheels can only benefit appliances.  Just make sure those wheels also have locks.
  • If you can, remove the doors from your cabinets.  Cabinets tend to hide things better than they should.  There should be little in your kitchen that actually requires being stored in a cabinet.
  • Invest in bins.  Inexpensive little containers may be the key to keeping your kitchen organized.  If you get stackable, clear bins, you’ll optimize your space and your efficiency.  It’s hard to have too many bins.
  • Build shelves.  Much like your doorless cabinets, shelves are the ideal storage solution for kitchens.  They are inexpensive and make all your ingredients easily accessible.  Since you can customize them to your needs, the shelves you build are specific to you.
  • Buy tiered tables.  Leave no space unoccupied by utilizing tiered tables.  These tables are essentially shelves under your table so that you can store more things closer to where they’re needed.

Your kitchen is crucial to the success of your restaurant.  If the organization and operation of your kitchen is off by just a little bit, your whole business will be affected.  Keep your kitchen running smoothly by following these simple tips and let us know if you have any tips of your own!