Why Use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts?

Posted November 13, 2012 by CPS

The cost of business is high.  Aside from dealing with employees, insurers, suppliers, and customers, business owners have to handle equipment.

For restaurant owners, the kitchen equipment is one of the most important aspects of the business.  Without it, the kitchen and the restaurant itself will be left with nothing to do.  Because nothing lasts forever, restaurant owners have to consider what to do when their commercial kitchen parts break down.  If money is no issue, buying an entirely new stove every so often isn’t a big deal, but for most businesses replacement parts is the option they choose.

When it comes to replacement kitchen parts, there are basically two choices.  Restaurant owners can either get their parts directly from the manufacturer or go to a third party manufacturer.  On first glance, the parts may appear similar but the differences are huge.

  • Because OEM parts come directly from the original manufacturer of the equipment, they are made to the same standards and specifications of the original part.  The best a third party can do is take a guess at how the original part was made.  The quality and standards of the original simply won’t be there.
  • With commercial kitchen parts, you really do get what you pay for.  A third party part is cheaper because it is cheap.  It’s cheaply made, cheaply manufactured, and cheap in every way.  OEM parts typically cost more because they’re worth it.  With OEM parts, you’re paying for quality.
  • OEM parts are safer.  When an OEM part is made, it is designed to withstand the demands of the original part.  It is put through the paces so that it can manage the high tolerances of the job at hand.  A third party part is not put through the same testing as an OEM part.  It is designed to get from the design board to the shelf as soon as possible and that’s all.
  • In the long run, OEM parts save businesses money.  When a restaurant orders a third party replacement part, that part may work for a little while but it will break down again.  This repeated work stoppage will keep money from coming in the door and waste money on unnecessary repairs and more parts.  An OEM part will last longer and keep service costs down while keeping the kitchen open for business.

Third party manufacturers are fine for some businesses but they just don’t work in the commercial kitchen business.  The safest, most cost effective means for fixing a broken appliance is to get OEM parts and the best place to get your OEM parts and service is right here.