Is Your Equipment Saving You Money?

Posted December 26, 2012 by CPS

Even as the economy begins to bounce back, businesses across the world are still concerned with lowering costs where they can.  With so many moving parts in restaurants, it’s no wonder that managers are actively searching for ways to lower bills and create a bigger profit.

One of the most simple and most obvious ways for a restaurant owner to lower costs is to invest in better, greener commercial kitchen equipment.  Companies in the commercial kitchen equipment industry have been spending the last several years shifting their focus to more efficient, cost effective appliances.  This change in aim, as it turns out, is as good for restaurant owners and managers as it is for the environment.

Because commercial kitchen equipment should be in operation for at least 10-15 years, even minimal savings on gas and electric bills can add up to significant amounts.  With enough green appliances, you could be saving thousands of dollars a year or tens of thousands of dollars over the lifecycle of the appliance.

In looking for a manufacturer for your commercial kitchen equipment, there are a few companies that excel in the research and development of energy efficient appliances.


  • Vulcan Hart: As one of the largest manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in the world, Vulcan Hart is also a leader in producing green commercial kitchen equipment.  With their Energy Star partnership, Vulcan Hart has shown a lasting commitment to providing restaurants with environmentally and budget conscious cooking options.
  • Cleveland Range: A company that is over 165 years old must stay innovative to stay in business.  Cleveland Range has used this time to produce high quality equipment that allows them to continue improving their energy efficient commercial kitchen appliances.  More efficient products means more money saved for those who use Cleveland Range.
  • Rational: Rational has advanced their green commercial kitchen equipment by using the most innovative technology available.  Their Self Cooking Center is one of the most efficient systems on the market because it cooks a food to the perfect state and stops.  There is no time wasted with Rational so there is no money wasted.

Energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment could be the key to your restaurant turning a larger profit.  By using appliances that are good for the environment, you will also be using equipment that is good for your budget.  We carry parts for these and more energy efficient manufacturers so you know that you’ll be getting the best OEM parts and service with these brands.