The Benefits of a Shared Commercial Kitchen

Posted January 11, 2013 by CPS

Possessing state of the art cooking technology from high end companies like Amana and Wells Manufacturing, commercial kitchens are the ideal place to make high quality food on a consistent basis.  Characterized by wide expanses of stainless steel and enough stoves to feed an army, the modern commercial kitchen is impractical and out of reach for domestic applications and even many start-up companies in the food industry.

The inaccessibility of many commercial kitchens most greatly impacts small cooking endeavors, especially those that are looking to enter the catering business.  Buying a dedicated commercial kitchen is too expensive and most home kitchens simply are not equipped or licensed to produce commercial food.

Small businesses in need of a commercial kitchen now have a new, ingenious way of accessing high quality commercial kitchen equipment.

Licensed, shared commercial kitchens are the simple and affordable solution for those looking to grow a food industry business because they provide all the benefits of a traditional commercial kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

As dedicated spaces for cooking, shared commercial kitchens can be stocked with products from leaders in the industry like Pitco, Cres Cor, and Cleveland Range.  This high end equipment will help smaller food industry entrepreneurs compete in the difficult field.

The immediate impact shared commercial kitchens have can be seen with catering companies.  Because commercial food needs to be prepared in a licensed kitchen, catering companies must invest in this kind of space.

Beyond catering entrepreneurs, shared commercial kitchens can be built large enough to host cooking classes for as many individuals as can fit.  Companies can be set up solely to hold classes in a professional, clean, and most importantly, properly equipped kitchen.  Shared commercial kitchens also provide companies the ability to be out of the kitchen when needed which means they will not have to spend rent money on time they will not use.

Opportunities with shared commercial kitchens don’t end with those who use the kitchen.  Shared commercial kitchens can be an investment for those looking for turnkey kitchen solutions.  The owner of the shared commercial kitchen simply provides the space and the high end commercial kitchen equipment and the return on investment will roll in.  Owners can also feel good about providing fresh local food and amazing opportunities for others looking to grow in the food industry.  Keeping a shared commercial kitchen up and running will take the best OEM parts and certified support so if you need help with your commercial kitchen, let us help!