Why You Need CFESA Certified Technicians

Posted January 18, 2013 by CPS

If you own or run any type of business in the food industry, your commercial kitchen is vital to your business staying afloat.  If your kitchen goes down, the whole operation goes down.  Because it is so crucial, keeping your commercial kitchen in peak condition should be of the utmost importance.

It is a well understood fact that when a commercial kitchen part stops working, it is best to replace it with an OEM part.  This ensures that the replacement part will work perfectly with your equipment and, in just about any conceivable case, will be in line with the original manufacturer’s warranty.  Obviously, the only reliable commercial kitchen replacement parts are OEM parts.

There still remains the question of who would be best equipped to provide and install your OEM commercial kitchen part.  You could always take a stab at it yourself but are you really willing to risk the wellbeing of your business to avoid asking for help?  Certainly, there must be someone near you with a pick-up truck and a box of seemingly random tools that would be willing to tighten some screws for a few bucks but there is no guarantee and there should be no trust in this option.

As is the case with replacement parts, there’s only one choice when it comes to servicing your commercial kitchen equipment.  You need a service provider that is certified by CFESA.

CFESA is the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association and they certify service and OEM parts distributors.  Because of their high standards, CFESA certified technicians are the premier choice when it comes to servicing commercial kitchens.  CFESA certified agents are so highly regarded because they abide by a code of ethics that requires them to be:

  • Honest to customers in all circumstances regardless of the situation
  • Responsible enough to place a guarantee on all their work
  • Accountable for maintaining adequate equipment at all times
  • Dependable in exclusively providing and using OEM parts in all their repairs
  • Conscientious and reliable in regards to local and federal laws

Most importantly, CFESA certified technicians know how important your commercial kitchen is to you and your employees and are willing to go the extra mile to keep your kitchen producing.  By using CFESA certified technicians, you are giving yourself the best possible service for your commercial kitchen equipment.  As a proud member of CFESA, we are more than willing to help you with all your commercial kitchen needs.  If you’d like to learn more about why you should use a CFESA certified technician, let us know!