CPS Loves Dessert

Posted February 11, 2013 by CPS

Have you ever wondered what paradise is like?  If you have, it’s a good thing you found this blog because we know what paradise is.  We’ve seen it; we’ve experienced it; we have LIVED IT.

Dear Blogosphere, let us explain paradise to you.

Picture if you will, you’re in your favorite restaurant.  You’ve just put the last, perfect bite of your favorite dish into your mouth.  You’re in your cloud chair and you just got a text from that first love that dumped you.  He/She completely regrets everything he/she did to you and realizes what a mistake he/she made.  Who’s that running toward your table?  It’s your first pet, healthy as could be!  The waiter comes around, clears your plate, and says, “Your meal is on the house.  The entire staff decided you are far too attractive and funny and super smart to be paying for your own food like a commoner.  Is there anything else we can do for you?”

This is not paradise because paradise will come shortly after you respond, “May I see your dessert menu, please?”

Yes, dessert is paradise because it is the quintessential luxury.  Dessert takes the
idea of food as sustenance and laughs in its silly little face.

Food as sustenance?  No!  Food as opulence!

Check this out, though.  Dessert used to just be reserved for fancy restaurants and your parents’ house.  You couldn’t go down to your local pub and pick up cookies with your fish and chips.  You especially couldn’t get some sweets by means of a drive through.

No longer!

Fast food chains and quick service restaurants have begun to see the beauty in paradise or, um, desserts.  Customers everywhere are requesting, nay, demanding desserts and these magical food makers are obliging.

What’s awesome about dessert, though, is how many different kinds of it there are.  You got your ice cream.  You got your portable milkshakes.  You got cookies and pies and cakes and rainbows and a puppy party and unicorns.  Well, the first three, at least.

And since restaurants are bringing the sweet, we get to bring the parts!  Customers get dessert, restaurants get customers, and we get to keep giving these restaurants parts.  That’s a win-win-win.  Triple win.  Trifecta win.  That’s what the industry calls a “CPS Win,” probably.

More parts equals more desserts which equals more paradise.

CPS: Making Desserts More Available So That You Can Eat Them Whenever You Want.

Man, slogans are hard.