Safety First, Danger’s the Worst

Posted March 22, 2013 by CPS

Here’s a little piece of trivia for your brain: cooking is the manliest thing you can do.  That’s right; you can put away your mustache wax and kettle bells.  You can do nothing manlier than cook.  Beyond that, there’s no manlier place to cook than a commercial kitchen.  So much stainless steel.  Beautiful.

Use that handsome head of yours and think about it for a second.  Cooking is basically taking MEAT, cutting it with KNIVES, and heating it with FIRE.  Check that out; meat, knives, and fire.  What more could you want?

Well, we happen to know what more you could want and it’s what your mother always wanted for you: safety.

If talking about safety sounds boring to you, just think of it in a new light.  Safety with a knife can easily be thought of learning how to wield a small sword.  That’s sweet.

There’s more to commercial kitchen safety than just learning how to cut things.

  • Keep your parts in line.  Safe equipment is key.  Get your commercial kitchen equipment checked out by the best.  Side note: we have the best technicians in the industry.  No joke.
  • Clean up that kitchen.  Like any well-oiled machine, commercial kitchens don’t work so well when there’s a bunch of chicken wings scattered everywhere.  That’s the saying about well-oiled machines, right?  They don’t like chicken wings?
  • Set up safety equipment.  With all those fires and knives in a kitchen, it might be a good idea to have a little protection in case of an emergency.  Band-Aids would be a good start but, you know, you should take some other precautions, too.

Keep your commercial kitchen safe.  For one thing, it’s good if your business stays open.  Secondly, keep it open so that we have somewhere to eat.

CPS: Please Practice Safe Kitchen Practices, Please

Can you repeat words in slogans?