3 Awesome Reasons for Preventative Maintenance

Posted April 1, 2013 by CPS

Way back when we first started this company, back before the Internet (you know, the Dark Ages), we had to come up with a name for it. Initially, we wanted to be called Robo Dinosaur Fighters Inc. but we realized it didn’t have too much to do with commercial parts and service. That’s when it hit us: we do commercial parts and service, let’s just capitalize it!

So here we are, Commercial Parts and Service or just CPS if you really love acronyms. And we love it! Almost as much as we love food!

Here’s the thing, what we do here goes so much deeper than simply sending out parts and techs to fix commercial kitchens so they can be awesome again. What we really want is for your kitchen to never go down so it can always be awesome. No down time! All up time! Cook that food!

Because we want you to cook pretty much all the time, we had this super cool idea. At CPS, your favorite place for commercial parts and sweet service, you can have, get this, PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE!

And now, for your reading entertainment, are 3 bullet points to tell you why preventative maintenance is the best maintenance.

• Reduce your downtime! If you have maintenance done before your equipment can let you down, you’ll save time by not having to wait for replacement parts. Your parts will already be good.

• Get better tasting food! Ok, let’s say you’ve got a deep fryer but it’s not working as well as it could. This could make anything you fry not so great. Preventative maintenance will keep your double deep fried steak delicious.

• Save money! Preventative maintenance will be able to spot a $10 problem before it turns into a $1,000 problem. Now, a $1,000,000 problem, that might need more than preventative maintenance.

CPS: Preventative Maintenance is a Cool Thing To Do and We Think You Should Do It

Now there’s one bad slogan.