Ask a Technician: Why are My Dishes Coming Out Cloudy?

Posted April 19, 2013 by CPS

A commercial dishwasher utilizes chemical pumps to dispense detergent along with a rinse agent at the recommended time.  When all this is done at the right time with the right amount of liquids, your dishes should come out of your dishwasher perfectly clean. As machines and their parts age however, issues may arise and dishes may not come out shiny and sparkly. One common issue that many see is cloudy dishes. There are several possible reasons why dishes may appear cloudy. Most commonly, cloudy dishes are due to a problem with the dispensing of the rinse agent. Always check the dispenser to make sure that it is not empty. If it is empty then refilling it should solve the problem.

Another possible cause of cloudy dishes could be that the dishes that you load are to clean. Commercial dishwashers require that dishes be somewhat dirty in order to work properly. If you rinse or wash dishes before loading them, the dishwasher’s detergent will have nothing for its acid to neutralize. Its chemicals will act on the dish itself and create scratches on the surface that give off a cloudy appearance.

Other problems like a clogged drain, incorrect detergent levels, and general wear and tear are capable of causing cloudy dishes. Be sure to have your machine regularly checked by a CPS technician. Just like an automobile, appliances require regular maintenance to continue functioning properly.

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