Is CPS Really That Great?

Posted May 1, 2013 by CPS

Ok, ok.  So everyone knows CPS is great.  We’re straight up killing it in the parts department and our service is unparalleled (there is only one Steve Risheberger after all).  We’re on top of our game.  Let’s face it; we’re basically the Michael Jordan of parts for commercial kitchens.  We’re the Muhammad Ali of service for commercial kitchen appliances.

TIME OUT: BETTER ANALOGY.  We’re like Bo Jackson from 1987-1990.  He was the best at baseball and football SIMULTANEOUSLY.  We’re the best at commercial parts and service SIMULTANEOUSLY.  We’re also, apparently, pretty good at analogies because that is one sweet analogy.

Alright, everyone settle down.  That’s a great comparison but there still begs the question: why?

Why is CPS the trusted name for OEM parts?

Why is our service better than anyone else’s?

Why do kitchens everywhere rely on CPS?

Why couldn’t Bo Jackson just have stayed healthy a few more years?!

As it turns out, we have compiled a list to succinctly and accurately answer all of those questions.  Well, all but one.

  • 24/7 service and technical support.  We know some kitchens run around the clock.  We try to do the same so that you can keep your kitchen open.  We just think it’s a nice thing to do.
  • Preventative maintenance programs.  If your commercial kitchen appliances never break down, we never have to fix them and you can stay open.  Good idea, right?
  • 50 vehicle service fleet.  With so many service vehicles, we can get to jobs quicker than competitors.  There are nations with less manpower than CPS.  We don’t go around conquering because we don’t want to, not because we can’t.
  • CFESA certified technicians.  Our technicians average an 85% first time fix rate.  We get the job done and we get it done right.

CPS: Imagine Bo Jackson in His Prime and Also as a Parts and Service Company

Think Bo will be in our commercials?