Ask a Technician: What Should I do if I Smell Gas?

Posted May 8, 2013 by CPS

Propane is a naturally odorless gas. Manufacturers add in chemicals in order to give it a smell that people can recognize in the event of a leak. Giving the gas a scent is important because when it mixes with common air, propane can be highly flammable. A flame, a spark, even static electricity can ignite propane and cause massive amounts of collateral damage.

There are very specific steps that you should take once you detect a propane leak. These will help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation

  1. Extinguish any nearby open flames as quickly as possible.  If propane reaches a flame, it could result in a fire or an explosion.
  2. Shut off the main gas supply. When the gas line is shut, no additional propane will be able to enter the area.
  3. Leave the area of the leak.  Even after you shut off the gas, you may still be in a very dangerous area.  It is best to play it safe and exit as quickly as possible.
  4. Call the authorities.  Whether it’s 911 or your gas supplier, the authorities need to get to your site to assess and manage the damage.
  5. Call CPS. Our technicians will be able to quickly arrive at your site and safely fix the leak you in your system. We offer 24/7 service and technical support and our service technicians cover a large geographic area.

While a leak in your propane system can be a very serious and dangerous problem, you can stay safe and restore your system by following these simple steps. If you have questions for our techs, call us 800.837.8327 or send us a message today!