The History of CPS

Posted May 30, 2013 by CPS

Every company has its own personal history and CPS is no different.  CPS’s story is an interesting one.  Most companies can’t nail down exactly when or where they started but CPS’s story is a bit stranger than most. As you may have noticed, CPS is not your typical commercial parts and services company.  We are outside of the box thinkers that don’t play by the same rules that other commercial parts and service companies do. We’ve created our own unique system of rules and processes that serve us and our customers well. Through our years of experience, we’ve become incredibly efficient at serving our customers and have a unique advantage over other kitchen parts and service companies. There are two unique stories that attempt to explain the history of CPS. Number one goes like this: CPS was started 200 years ago by a man named Cornelius Parts and Service in his home country, Parts UND Service.

Cornelius was a man that loved food so much that he traveled the country, but mostly stayed around Ohio, in search of the best food.  One day, he was told of a place that had claimed to have heard of a place with the best food in the region so there he went.  When Cornelius Parts and Service got there, he found that their stove was broken.  For Cornelius, a stove broken was a heart broken. Cornelius cupped his hands together, let out a primal yell  and shot a bolt of healing energy at the stove, fixing it right on the spot.  To this day, many reputable people still believe that every service technician in the industry is a descendant of Cornelius Parts and Service. Of course, others still claim that CPS was started in 1972 and has been providing commercial kitchen with OEM parts and CFESA certified technicians since. If you’d like to learn more about CPS and our history, give us a call at 800.837.8327 or contact us online.