What’s New, CPS?

Posted June 20, 2013 by CPS

Well, thank you for asking.

Actually, we’ve got a good amount going on over here.  Aside from gearing up for the OEM Service Technician’s Arm Wrestling and Other Feats of Strength Regional Extravaganza (CFESA Service Technician of the Year Steve Risheberger is going to wipe the floor with other techs during the O.S.T.A.W.O.F.S.R.E.), we’ve got a full plate.  We love it, though, as we really just love a full plate.

Recently, we reworked our website.  While the old site worked, we figured, why not just make it better?  Our website was good but we’re not really into stopping at good.  In fact, we don’t even stop at great.  We won’t stop at incredible either.  We’ll only stop at red lights!  Get it?! (Long buildup for a bad joke, but you get the idea.)

We decided to make our site more user-friendly because that’s the direction we see CPS going.  Sure, we can do something like sell a part or schedule a service call but we’d rather build a relationship with our clients.  Totally platonic, though, don’t get any ideas.

Going with the idea of a user-friendly site, we decided to go a step further and just make our blog (this, you’re reading it right now) plain old friendly.  Even though we are ridiculously talented service technicians and just overall really attractive people, we’re also approachable and easy to talk to.  So that’s what this blog is: an easier line of communication for us and our clients.

The good news is, we’re taking this new attitude social.  We realized we’re on social media just as much as anyone else (when we’re not at work, of course) so why not utilize it to build a better relationship with people.  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Let’s be friends.

And stay tuned.  We’ve got a bucket of more cool things in the works.