Ask a Technician: Why is it important to change my water filters?

Posted June 28, 2013 by CPS

In your busy life, it’s easy to forget about small things like changing your water filters. You may wonder, why should I take the time to change my filters? Well, we have a few good reasons for you.

Better tasting food. We love food, but most of all, we love great tasting food. A clogged, dirty water filter can contaminate the taste of your food, which nobody wants to happen.

Longevity of equipment.  An unclean water filter affects your equipment, causing it to work harder than it needs to in order to filter water. Eventually, so many contaminants will build up that the filter is unable to clean your water. If your equipment cannot do its job because of build up, it will have a shorter life cycle.

Reduced calls for service. As much as we love to see you, proper maintenance of your water filters saves you time because you will not need your equipment repaired as frequently. Every filtration system has a service cycle, which is how many gallons of water can be put through the system before it needs a new filter. Most systems give you an estimate of how long it will be before you need a new filter.

Keep your food tasting great, your equipment free from contaminants, and reduce your need for service calls by changing your water filters regularly!