Commercial Kitchen Equipment Exam

Posted July 3, 2013 by CPS

Take a seat, time for a pop quiz.  Wait, no, maybe it’s just an exam.  Ok, take a seat, time for a pop exam.  You know what, that sounds terrible.  I mean, who says pop exam anyway?  Let’s just go with exam, time for an exam.


  1. What’s our favorite kind of equipment here at CPS?
    1. OEM parts
    2. Repairable
    3. Commercial Kitchen

Pretty tough, right?  This is basically the hardest question.

First you have OEM parts which we obviously love.  OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts are the best parts available.  They’re made specifically for special equipment so they’re going to work.  They also maintain the warranty that most equipment has.  OEM parts will keep your appliances working longer and they’ll save you money in the long run.  Hard to go wrong with OEM parts.

Next there’s repairable.  What good is equipment if it can’t be fixed?  Any piece of equipment that’s worth the space it takes up is going to run through some parts.  This is just a part of the business.  Commercial kitchens need equipment with easily repairable parts.  Pretty good choice right there.

Finally, what could be better than commercial kitchen equipment?  It’s stainless and gorgeous.  It’s durable.  Best of all, it brings us all the food we love.  Side note: we love anything that brings us food so this is a big plus.  How could anyone possibly choose from these options?

Pens and pencils ready, it’s answer time.

Are you ready?


Ok, you got us.  It was a trick question.  Our favorite kind of equipment is all three.  We love OEM parts.  We love repairable equipment.  We love commercial kitchen equipment.

How do you feel about equipment?  You into it?  If OEM parts, repairable equipment, or commercial kitchen equipment is what you need, give us a call today.