Posted August 14, 2013 by CPS

We blog about food a lot. And for some reason, you trust our opinion. What have we ever done to prove to you that we love food so much as to eat a hamburger made entirely of bacon? Or blend all of our favorite chocolate treats into one succulent smoothie? Nothing, that’s what. We’re now offering the hardcore truth about how insane our love of food is. Because there’s nothing softcore about the disgusting feats of hunger that we’ll be delivering to you.

We’re posting video evidence of our love for food. CPS people. Delicious food. Video challenges. Your three favorite things, blogosphere.

Unless we threw a kitten in there. CPS people. Delicious kittens. Video— No, scratch that. We’ll stick to food.

We’ll be performing super-human feats of hunger to prove that we love food. We’ve already traveled the globe, devouring every delicacy in every corner. We took our time tasting every hidden flavor, and where’s the fun in that? Nowhere. That’s where, America.

For your viewing displeasure, we present video evidence that CPS loves food. These timed contests will put the challenge back in food for us. After all, we’ve tried all the food and made all the parts. All of them. Now we’re ready to set records, like for how many Twinkies can be devoured in one minute.

We had our foodie phase. Now we’re just showing off.

Normally we would say that these videos are done by professionals and that you shouldn’t attempt it at home. However, we like to see you try. Share your ‘success’ with us so that we can laugh through a mouthful of succulent food-mash while you try to love food as much as we do.

After we’re done gorging ourselves, we’ll get right back to work on delivering the parts that keep our favorite restaurants and food manufacturers open.

CPS: Delivering Parts, so They Can Make Food, so We Can Eat Food

Not the best slogan, but it includes the fact that we eat food. We’re going to call this one a win.

View our video at: vimeo.com/70881876