Posted August 21, 2013 by CPS

Here at CPS, our love of food is not limited to manufactured delicacies. Sometimes, even beyond cooked food. That’s right. On occasion, CPS likes our diet raw. Not in that enlightened foodie way, though. Ohhhh no, we mean ‘raw’ like you were up all night screaming your lungs out at an AC/DC concert and now your throat is raw. And there’s one surefire way to simulate that kind of fun.


Not like the red-headed kind of person either. No, thank you. We see enough of that on St. Patrick’s Day. Unlike Carrot Top, Conan, and Lindsay Lohan, we can’t get enough of this succulent fire root. (On second thought, we could do with some more Gillian Anderson in our lives – whatever happened to her?)

This is pure, unadulterated ginger. We don’t mean that sweet variety that comes with your sushi. This is more like wasabi – but spicier. See, there’s a reason that you don’t see large quantities of ginger in anything. Chunks of garlic? Hard to swallow, but delicious. A whole root of ginger? No, ma’am. Nothing seems to take away its spicy juices. Or, as we call it at CPS, the nectar of life.

The amount of ginger we’re consuming will go well beyond medicinal levels and into overdose lala land. Ginger is used as a home remedy for the common cold? Consider it cured.

We’re doing this all for you, internet reader. We are proving that we love ginger in celebration of the places that sell it. Grocery stores couldn’t function without machines like commercial meat slicers and these machines can’t function without the proper parts. We deliver commercial meat slicer OEM parts, the supermarkets deliver food to our hungry tummies. It’s the circle of life. And a great reason to eat raw ginger.

Give it a try. Go to your local grocer, grab a ginger root, and eat it whole right there in the supermarket. Pay when you’re done, of course. And also film it. Your dedication to food is our motivation. Because if you can’t do it… Well, everyone can.

CPS: Helping Maintain Commercial Meat Slicers and Pickle Ginger for Your Mouth

Just call us the Bane to ginger’s Batman.

View our video at: https://vimeo.com/70881880