Posted September 11, 2013 by CPS

For example, chicken. That’s a delicious thing that tastes like chicken.

But who doesn’t love chicken? There’s no fun in proving our love for nature’s most beloved animal. Instead, CPS employees are going head-to-head to prove who loves chicken the most.

The point of today’s episode is to show that people like cooked chicken, not raw egg. We eat a little bit of both in this contest. After the video, there will be a quiz. You’ll have to tell us which food type (cooked or raw) our staff preferred eating. Hint: the main contest is eating chicken wings.

It’s either that, or a competition to see who loves hot sauce more and chicken is merely the vessel for the sauce. Either way, does it matter? Hot sauce and chicken go so well together that we’re surprised no one has yet genetically engineered the birds to produce hot sauce as a byproduct. Revolicious. That’s our new trademarked word combining ‘revolutionary’ and ‘delicious’. Also, a little bit of ‘revolting’. It could honestly go either way here.

Speaking of revolicious things, let’s start things off with an old-fashioned prairie oyster. No, we didn’t make that one up. Go ahead and Google it, you’re already on the internet, dummy. We’ll wait.

Are you done yet?


We know. ‘Revolicious’.

Nothing says hangover cure like raw egg and hot sauce in a cup. This beverage’s taste actually makes you want to wash it down with solid food. For muggles, anyway. CPS? We drink these instead of coffee in the mornings. We gather around the prairie oyster cooler to discuss local politics and what happened last night on Breaking Bad.

See, when you can’t cook food, your customers have to eat raw food. And just watching us do that is… thought-provoking. What if your grill didn’t work? How would you feed those hungry masses? Save yourself from that hypothetical scenario and save CPS’s phone number to your speed dial. We fix things.

But for us, drinking prairie oysters is just motivation for consuming more chicken.

CPS: Making Parts To Cook Food So You Don’t Have to Eat Prairie Oysters

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Watch our video at: https://vimeo.com/70881884