Posted September 25, 2013 by CPS

Mmm… chicken wraps. Or better yet! Quesadillas. That’s a kind of wrap. These rolled-up lunch entrées are a delicious and healthy part of your nutrition. It takes a so-so salad and wraps it up in delicious carbs. These magical food items turn lunchtime into FUNtime. Wraps transform everything you need in a lunch into everything you want. That’s what these food challenges were about, turning the ‘why’ behind CPS into a FUNducational video series. And this food challenge adventure, as they say, is a wrap.

Thanks for watching us eat-then-lose our lunches for the past few weeks! We really appreciate viewers like you. We’re kind of exhibitionists about our love of food, if you didn’t guess. If food was a new iPhone, we would wait outside a grocery store for hours to be the first to consume it. That’s dedication, internet. Learn it.

Sadly, we have to give our digestive systems a break for a while. Keep checking back for future food challenges from us (or others, if they’re up for the challenge). For now, we have to say goodbye to proving that we love food. Doctor’s orders.

All of that junk food messed us up a bit. Hence why we’re on wraps now. Sure, we’re eating like three wraps in ten minutes, but it’s all healthy. We destroyed some Twinkies, got smacked-down by ginger, had a tumultuous relationship with water, made salsa in our mouths, and slammed some prairie oysters. All that to show why CPS does what we do.

Without commercial kitchen parts and service, these foods can’t happen. What will blend the salsas at Mexican restaurants? How will chicken get fried? And by god, no part of a Twinkie is possible without machine parts! We love all of these things, so we stock parts. We want you to be able to love these things too.

Our website is the one-stop solution for businesses who love food.

P.S. – Water thought our last video challenge was very charming and we’re back together again.

CPS: Stocking Parts So Video Editors And You Can Eat And Make More Food Challenges

Videographers and CPS? We go together like chicken and hot sauce.

Watch our video: https://vimeo.com/70872771