Search for Manuals Online

Posted October 17, 2013 by CPS

You probably already love the Parts Search at It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s right on our homepage. Did you also know that you can search for manuals on the homepage too? Yeah. You can. Just click on the gray tab that says “FIND MANUALS NOW!” right next to the Parts Search tab. Super simple, but also easy to miss.

We know that you were all excited about being to search for parts, and now this too? If we decorated it with funny cat videos, the internet would be ours for the taking. But we’re not supervillains; we’re kitchen heroes. And providing you with a simple online tool to find all the information you need about your wonky commercial kitchen appliances is just another reason why these heroes always get the girl.

CPS technicians use our database of manuals to find out exactly what’s wrong and what part to use. We’re super geniuses, but we can’t hold a whole library of information in our heads! But sometimes you don’t need a part; you just need to know how many times per week to use that special cleaning fluid that came with it. That’s cool. Use the Manual Search to find your equipment and see what kind of special loving it needs. Or if you’re outside of the CPS service area, you can often use a manual to find the parts you need to order online.

Then switch over to Parts Search, of course.

Even though having your commercial kitchen equipment go down is no fun, CPS is here to help. We can get the part you need, deliver the service you require, and provide you with the knowledge to run a more efficient kitchen. Give us a call to learn more.