Tune Up For Thanksgiving

Posted November 12, 2013 by CPS

This year’s Thanksgiving-to-Christmas gap is the shortest it’s been in eleven years, and as short as we’ll get for some time to come. So while you’re out shopping and taking advantage of deep, deep discounts, spend some time thinking about the dude who just wants a deep dish pizza. What is your commercial kitchen doing to ensure that it stays up and running through the holiday busy season?

Families eat out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s going to happen even if you’re not open on those days, bro. College-aged kids and young professionals travel home for the holidays and get together with friends, or close families go out for movie and dinner the day after Christmas. Not to mention the endless stream of office holiday parties. You’re going to get slammed with every Johnny Appleseed and Ebenezer Scrooge from here to the North Pole. We get it, December is a long and stressful month. But what happens if something breaks?

When your kitchen goes down, a long month becomes an unending one. Avoid hefty bills for immediate service (not to mention less cash from not having any food to sell) and have some preventative maintenance done before the holidays hit.

A CPS technician will examine your kitchen and its equipment like a prize horse – one that doesn’t get sold for meat. We’ll help detect any parts going bad and how soon they could fail. While preventative care isn’t a 100% guarantee of no emergencies, it’s good to do everything in your power to keep your kitchen shipshape.

After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Until all of that turkey dinner. And candy canes. But you know what? If you start healthy, those things can’t do that much damage.

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