Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Posted November 21, 2013 by CPS

Every kitchen is unique. Yeah, yeah, we know. But there will still be a few staples that are multi-use and can be found in just about every commercial kitchen. You know, like a range. Most places have one of those.

1. Range
A little somethin’-somethin’ for eggs, and bacon, and paninis, and general meaty goodness. Whatever floats your boat. It’s before lunch time at CPS as we write this, so everything floats our metaphorical boat right now. Just toss a few pans on the range and cook to your heart’s delight. The Hobart MGR36 series is a great example of this.

2. Commercial Refrigerator
Some wholesome places may claim that their smallest commercial kitchen equipment is their fridge or freezer, but you still gotta have one. The versatile True Manufacturing brand of fridges are used for everything from food to flowers.

3. Oven
Sometimes, these are included with the range, like how it is in many Hobart models. Blodgett makes several strictly-oven machines that are great for bakeries and lovers of sweet stuff. When you don’t need as many ranges as ovens, these slide in under countertops and other machinery.

4. Ice Machine
While many commercial kitchens need a variety of machines, they typically share in common a need for temperature related equipment. Hence the top five list being dominated by things that make food hot and things that make it cold. Number four is no exception with the ice machine. Manitowoc makes ice machines galore. Not to mention that our very own Steve Risheberger was named Manitowoc’s service technician of the year. We’re not done bragging about it yet.

5. Food Processor
Chopping is elegant, but blending is effective. Get the perfect consistency for soups, sauces, and more with food processors like what Waring manufactures. Our lone portable device in a list filled with modular items, the food processor is a winter favorite for getting those hearty soups together.

What’s your favorite piece of commercial kitchen equipment? Did it make our list? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Search for manuals of parts by manufacturer to see what CPS services!