It’s Hard Out There for a Chef

Posted December 13, 2013 by CPS

Putting together a commercial kitchen from scratch is hard work. Just collecting your standard kitchen equipment is a feat. At the very least you’ll need freezers, ovens, countertops (hopefully with refrigerated compartments), ranges, a dishwasher, and an ice machine. To the uninitiated, that sounds pretty simple. Have you ever tried to buy a fridge for your home? Remember how many options and configurations you had back then? Picking commercial equipment is a lot more rigorous.

When you start thinking about the specialized dishes you’ll be offering, the smaller equipment starts to add up fast. Commercial blenders, toasters, pasta cookers, and stand mixers don’t come cheap. Popular brands like Bakers Aid, Bunn, and Hobart can add on to the cost. Many restaurateurs turn to a consultant for advice on what to buy, where to put it, and whether or not to buy it used.

While the manufacturers are there to sell you equipment and a consultant is there to tell you how to get started, you can rely on CPS to keep you up and running. We’re the Authorized Service Agent (ASA) of more than 150 manufacturers. That means we carry Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for tons of brands, including Hobart, Bunn, and Bakers Aid. We also service equipment when you need it, or as preventative maintenance. In a properly maintained kitchen, all of that equipment you just spent at least $25k on will last a lot longer.

Make it a little easier on yourself; call CPS to learn more about how we can help a fledgling kitchen. With all of the health codes, fire safety regulations, design costs, and consultancy fees you have to deal with, the least of your worries is how to replace a gasket. That’s our job. Once you open, let CPS worry about keeping you in the best state possible.