Preventative Maintenance in the New Year

Posted January 17, 2014 by CPS

As 2014 dawns, you’re probably in the middle of making your resolutions come true. Or, maybe you’re still deciding what to resolve to do (in which case you should probably resolve to be more decisive — come on! It’s the middle of January already!). If you’re still undecided about your resolutions, here are a few suggestions:

  • Eat more great food. How can you fail at this one? At CPS, we really (really, really) love food, so this was our first resolution. So far, it’s been wildly successful.
  • Learn a new skill. We’re learning how to try as many new foods as possible, but you could pick up anything. Learn how to play the keytar, become an origami artist, find out how to construct a jetpack… the possibilities are endless.
  • Eat more food. Did we mention that one already?
  • Perform regular preventative maintenance on your appliances.

Wait, what was that last suggestion? Well, if you’re resolving to eat more great food (as we think you should), then you’ll want to make sure your commercial kitchen equipment is ready to make all this wonderful food. In order to keep all parts and services running properly, you’ll need to check on them regularly to ensure that there are no malfunctions. The last thing you need is your oven going on the fritz as soon as you’re about to perfect that soufflé.

The best way to perform regular preventative maintenance is to keep your appliances clean (we hope that would be obvious) and to run every machine regularly to make sure it’s functioning just right. If you encounter any issues, that’s when you get to call us at CPS! We’d love to help you keep all parts and services up to date on maintenance and maybe even stop and have a little chat about New Year’s resolutions. Ours are going great, thanks for asking. But seriously, contact us today to schedule a service appointment!