Service for Your Hot Food Prep Machines

Posted January 31, 2014 by CPS

Imagine strolling into a restaurant after braving the frigid winter weather. Your fingers feel as if they’re about to fall off, you can’t feel your face at all, and the only thing you want in the world is a hot meal. You sidle up to the counter and order “one grilled cheese, please, with a side of tomato soup”, only to be told “I’m sorry, but our stove is currently down”. At this point, you probably feel rage, disappointment not felt since the death of Dumbledore, and overwhelming sadness like someone just ruined the sixth Harry Potter for you.

Hot food prep machines are in overdrive this winter, which is the coldest winter we’ve had in years (it’s even snowing in Alabama and Texas, if that’s any indication). As the anecdote above illustrates, un-serviced hot food prep machines can ruin not only your day, but also your customers’. A similar situation could occur anywhere and at anytime if your machines aren’t properly serviced. Imagine a world where you can’t have hot chocolate, hot cider, chicken soup, beef stew, chili, or even a hot cheese pizza. If the thought of living without hot food in these negative temperatures doesn’t make you want to service your machines, we aren’t sure what will.

Lucky for you, CPS isn’t scared of a little snow — or even a lot of snow! We’re here to provide service whenever you need it. Did your stove break at 3:00 in the morning? We can fix it! 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 if it’s a leap year).

There are few things we love more than food at CPS, and one of those things is hot food and soup. Keep all of your hot food prep machines up and running this winter by keeping them regularly serviced and preventatively maintenance (that’s right, we made it a verb). We provide comprehensive preventative maintenance for all of your commercial appliances. Contact us today for service!