CPS Loves Gourmet Chocolates

Posted February 13, 2014 by CPS

Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  Unless it’s February 13, then you know what’s coming because the next day is VALENTINE’S DAY and that means CHOCOLATE. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating what you love, and here at CPS, that means we’re celebrating food.

We love all foods equally, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’re sending out a little extra love to chocolate. We love chocolate so much that if chocolate had an address, we would buy a dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates and take them to chocolate’s house just to show how much we care. We would probably even bring a boom box and blast Rick Astley while standing outside and throwing rocks at chocolate’s bedroom window. You know, because we’re romantic like that.

Not only do we love chocolate, but we also love gourmet chocolate. Now, gourmet is a very fancy word that we think rhymes with donut, but we don’t have a dictionary handy at the moment. A real gourmet chocolate means that it has a super classy sounding name that’s harder to pronounce than gourmet. The names sound like they might be towns on a map of Middle Earth: Ghirardelli, Lindt, Godiva, Hershey’s, Lothlorien. A good rule to follow is the more difficult the name is to pronounce, the more sophisticated you’ll seem when you show up on your date’s porch. Also, it never hurts to wear a monocle when you’re trying to be sophisticated.

The best gourmet chocolates are the kind that don’t come in a box. Or at least don’t start in one. You’ll get to handpick an assortment of delicious treats and leave out all the weird coconut ones. CPS is giving you the assist this Valentine’s Day through our service arm. That’s right, we even service bakery and deli displays (like Hoshizaki) where these fine gourmet chocolates are proudly shown off to lovers like you.

Now that you’re educated in all the finery of chocolates, why not put it into practice and go on a date. If you’re single, take yourself out on a date, buy yourself some gourmet chocolate and flowers, show up at your own doorstep, tell yourself you look dashing, and whisk yourself away to dinner and a movie. If you’re in a relationship, you should do the same thing. The company might not be quite as good, but it’s worth a shot.

CPS: Because Chocolate Will Never Run Around And Dessert You.