What to Watch Out for When Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Posted March 7, 2014 by CPS

Many restaurateurs attempt to cut the astronomical cost of starting a restaurant by purchasing used restaurant equipment. However, it is important to purchase used equipment from a reliable commercial restaurant supply company that will stand behind the products they sell. That’s where CPS comes in! We not only distribute top-of-the-line OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, but we also offer a superior warranty service program so that our customers can always be confident that their tools will function properly and keep business going.

Purchasing used restaurant equipment from a commercial restaurant supply can be a smart move compared to purchasing used equipment on your own. With a commercial restaurant supply, someone represents the product and can answer any questions you have. Always find out about a piece of equipment’s service history and whether or not OEM parts have been used in it so far! Even equipment that’s broken can be purchased and fixed for less than the cost of buying a new one sometimes. Find out what the issue is and let CPS know how we can help.

There are various types of equipment that are permissible to purchase used. These include:

  • Ice cream machines
  • Refrigerated merchandisers
  • Heated display cases
  • Fryers
  • Gas ovens and ranges – These have easily replaceable parts. Gas powered appliances are always a better option than electric because they heat up much faster.
  • Commercial kitchen hoods and exhaust fans – While these can be purchased used, it can be a little trickier. Used restaurant hoods already have a hole cut in them for the previous owners exhaust and supply. Therefore, depending on the layout of your kitchen, used hoods may have to be patched and welded, and new holes will then need to be cut. There isn’t a way to know if the exhaust fan works until you purchase the product, so there is a possibility that you could incur extra cost if it doesn’t work.

CPS takes the worry out of purchasing used restaurant equipment by offering 24/7 warranty service and maintenance programs. Check out our maintenance programs today and let us help you get your used restaurant equipment up and running!

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