Ask a Tech: What If My Commercial Range Hood is Broken?

Posted April 9, 2014 by CPS

One of the common questions that we get from kitchen managers is how to tell if their commercial range hood needs serviced. Your range hood is an essential part of keeping your restaurant functioning day after day. A failure of this part could cost you more than a service call – your kitchen could be out of commission until it gets fixed. Here are four ways to tell if your commercial range hood is starting to go out:

  • Is your fan not working as hard as it used to? This is one of the first signs that your commercial range hood could be heading for a breakdown. An inefficient range hood fan means that the belt could be starting to go bad. Loose, cracked, and slipping belts can dry up very quickly, and ultimately lead to a break in the belt – making your fan stop entirely until the belt is replaced.
  • Is your fan making new noises? Aside from the normal hum of the fan blades, you may have noticed additional, less pleasant noises – such as clanking noises you would hear in a car. This could mean your fan belt is missing rubber, or one of your fan bearings has gone bad.
  • How old is your range hood? The age of your range hood could play into how hard it works. Over time, pieces and parts start to wear out, including motors, switches, and wiring. If your hood is starting to show signs of its age, it might be time to make the service call before a little age becomes a big problem.
  • Does the grease fan want to start, but doesn’t? Listen for a humming or buzzing noise when you turn the fan on. If you hear either of those sounds, but not the fan working, then your engine could be worn out. In this case, it’s time to replace the fan motor entirely.

The technicians at CPS know how to diagnose and repair most every range hood, including Prestige, Chef, Regatta, Euro Pro, and Viking. Don’t let your range hood become a liability over time – instead, make service your best part with an inspection today. Contact CPS now to keep your range hood running all summer long!