Ask A Tech: What Can I Do About A Poorly Heating Oven?

Posted May 9, 2014 by CPS

In every commercial restaurant kitchen, gas ovens are a critical piece to keeping food tasting great, as well as maintaining a properly working kitchen. Any stop in your business (especially those oven related) can be catastrophic. Ovens that do not heat correctly can cause food to cook improperly, resulting in poor tasting, burned, or potentially unsafe food. Moreover, a gas leak caused by a malfunctioning stove could shut down your kitchen, costing you customers – and their dollars – at the end of the day.

How can you tell if your oven isn’t working correctly? Here are three ways to troubleshoot a poorly heating oven. Remember to turn off your gas valve before doing any troubleshooting on a gas appliance.

  1. Check your oven burners
    One of the easiest pieces to check is the gas burners on the stovetop. Over time (and with repeated cooking), stove burners can collect dirt and spilled food particles. If your stove is not heating well, check if your burners need to be cleaned or replaced. A quick cleaning or replacement of burner heads now can prevent much bigger problems in the future.
  2. Have the oven bake igniter checked
    The oven bake igniter keeps your oven hot when it’s time to bake. But over time, this critical piece can wear down, and ultimately be the root of poor heating problems. If your bake igniter is not putting off the glow of a flame, or is not heating your oven evenly, then it’s time to call a service professional to troubleshoot the problem. In many cases, this problem can be fixed by replacing the bake igniter.
  3. Have your oven thermostat checked
    If your oven is heating poorly or unevenly, it could be because of a malfunctioning thermostat or temperature sensor. A temperature sensor regulates the internal oven heat, and adjusts power as needed. If this part goes out, then your oven will not be able to self-regulate to the proper temperature. If you believe your thermostat is not working correctly, schedule a service call today to inspect your commercial kitchen parts and get a replacement installed.

When dealing with your oven, service is always your best part. Contact a professional at CPS today to keep your oven warm for the hot summer months.