Why does CFESA Certification Matter?

Posted June 6, 2014 by CPS

Have you had a service call from CPS lately? Odds are, you’ve run into one of our 45 CFESA-Certified technicians at your restaurant.

Every year, the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association certifies technicians who have at least one year of experience in the food service industry. Certification candidates are given direct training on everything that can go wrong in a commercial kitchen. This includes the repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting on electric, gas, steam, and refrigeration systems. During this process, technicians are also taught important customer service skills, in order to effectively communicate with the chefs and kitchen managers on where the problems are.

In order to earn their CFESA patch, technicians must pass rigorous exams on the maintenance and repair of many common commercial kitchen situations. Each of these tests promotes the high quality of service, trust, and professionalism your team demands.

Once a technician earns their CFESA certification, the work begins to maintain their status with continuing education. Certified technicians are encouraged to attend manufacturer-hosted training sessions on maintaining and repairing equipment. CPS technicians average over two manufacturer training sessions every year, in order to keep up-to-date on the best solutions for your kitchen.

When it comes to keeping your kitchen in top condition, CPS believes in bringing you the top repairmen in the industry. That’s why CPS has over 45 certified technicians on staff, and half of our team are CFESA-Certified Master Technicians. In addition, CPS is one of just 33 CFESA Certified Companies in North America. Schedule your service call today, and see why we average a First Time Fix Rate of over 85%. When it comes to your commercial kitchen, preventative service is your best part.