Vitamix Not Working? You May Need A Replacement Part

Posted July 29, 2014 by CPS

If you own a Vitamix, chances are good you depend on this powerhouse of a blender to help prepare most of your family’s sauces, salsas, smoothies and other meals. Not only is your Vitamix versatile and powerful, if you find your Vitamix not working properly you can find Vitamix replacement parts that will get your blender working like new again. Even though the blender is made from premium, durable materials, wear and tear, lots of use and even age can cause some of the parts to dull, break, crack or become otherwise unsuitable for use. The good news is that Vitamix replacement parts are easy to find, use and are affordable to purchase.

Blender Jar Or Container

If your blender jar or container is scratched, chipped, worn, broken or you need to replace it for safety. If you simply want more containers so you can make multiple batches of recipes or need numerous containers for preparation, ordering a replacement blender jar is easy and affordable. Replacement jars are one of the most commonly needed parts for Vitamix blenders and are widely available online and in retailers who sale the brand.

The Blender Lid And plug

Another commonly needed replacement is the blender jar lid and or the lid plug. Many times, the jar is in great shape with no leaks or problems but the lid no longer seals tightly, has been torn or the plug has gone missing or is ill fitting. Luckily, reordering the blender lid is easy and inexpensive with most retailers online offering replacement lids for under twenty dollars.


Used to break up air bubbles and to help make sure all your ingredients are thoroughly blended and incorporated, the tamper is another commonly ordered replacement part for Vitamix blenders. For smoothie enthusiasts, a tamper is essential to getting the smooth, totally blended, drinkable consistency that is characteristic of a well crafted smoothie. Tampers often become damaged in use when the operator forces the tamper too close to the rotating blade, a common mistake easily remedied with a tamper replacement.


Sharp blades are essential to the proper functioning of your blender. If your blades are dulled or you have bent them by improper storage or cleaning, you can order ice blades and other replacement blades for your blender. Blades range in price depending on type so be sure you pick the option that best suits your needs.

Premium, high end and made to last, a Vitamix blender is a piece of kitchen equipment that is worth fixing and repairing when the need arises. Unlike many more disposable, lesser quality blenders, the Vitamix is an investment that will pay you back in years of use, quality of service and in the nutritious, healthy foods you prepare and serve. Do not put your blender in a cupboard or let it go unused on your counter top for want of a simple replacement part. Visit our online shop for vitamix blender parts and restore it to optimal working condition.